What is B2B eCommerce?


The concept of E-commerce B2B

This concept is evolving, and based on how transactions take place; at present we have the following types of B2B portals

1) focuses on the buyer – these are owned by a certain community of companies interested in buying diverse products or services that follow the most efficient way the process of acquisition. This portal allows buyers to get the best prices from suppliers and benefit from low management costs

2) facing supplier -. These are controlled by suppliers who follow generation of online sellers channel towards potential customers. These portals offer suppliers better visibility in the market, helping them to attract more customers. Buyers on the other hand, will get even more from these types of portals, because they have access to accurate information about the suppliers and they can seek more effective for similar products and services

3) Independent -. It is managed by a third party that offers B2B platform that is common, this means that it is available for both suppliers and buyers. The registered members of the forum can post ads, request bids and organizing auctions

4) vertical trading platforms -. These connect each sector of a particular industry. These portals reduce planning costs

5) Horizontal trading platforms -. These connect suppliers and buyers from different industries from around the world. They are similar to a huge market where people can sell or buy products or services.

How does B2B Portal works?

Supplier promote their products and services it offers, along with prices, stock values ​​and other information useful for the sales process, such as personalized discounts for customers. The customer (Company) access to the B2B Portal and analyzes offer, and if he is interested, he will place an order or request a bid for the product.

In most cases, the company that owns the B2B portal will offer its customers a user name or password, or they will allow customers to create their own accounts. In this way, every customer will benefit from reliable information on their order.

in the present, E-commerce B2B activity has lent many advantages of B2C. So B2B Portal can be equally attractive and store, need factors specific to e-commerce store, such as promotions, sales detailed images of products, online support and loyalty system.

Features B2B Portal are numerous such as: access to new markets, access to promotion channel, facilitate communication with customers, a great way of promotion, cost reduction, and more


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