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generation barter system

Men in ancient times sought and collected basic food, clothing and shelter requirements of nature. They carried them in a small way to suit their tastes.

Later, they started to produce something with the help of nature, store them to exchange a product of other people. This is when the barter system began

medium of exchange :.

When the requirements of the species and quantities were grown up a common medium of exchange for buying and selling goods was required. They were coins made from stone, leather and metals

coins and articles :.

We are well aware of the current medium exchange of money. Coins of different metal alloys and paper currencies play a key role in exchanging a variety of goods, services, ideas or concepts in this business. Banks are store houses for such money, and accounting process for the money of depositors

Paper for plastic cards :.

The latest trend is to use plastic cards for payments. Agent is now shifting towards “no part” and “money less’ business. We call it electronic commerce. In this, the economic activity is governed by the electronic media and electronic processes as well.

payments Gone! credit card!

Now, everybody pays for goods suppliers and their service provider only through a credit or debit card. Payment in cash is more or less gone forever. All shops, department stores, restaurants gas stations accept payments with credit cards.

Tele phone and mail order companies do welcome amenities cards. The success of the retail business depends on approval of credit

Swipe Card :.

economic change now. From live

exchange money with material width change in a variety of methods to sell. You can take the product on the table or get delivered at home, when you make a payment with a swipe card bank.

Tele marketing allows people to identify products by brand, information by phone or ‘as seen on TV’. They order only on the phone and buy it by sending payment by bank draft or cash on delivery system

E Commerce is a mouse click :.

New Business, Internet marketing or e-commerce transactions is to exchange goods and money over the Internet instead of against sales. You can see a picture of the products; learn product information on the vendor website. You can place your order and make payment of place.

There is no barrier of time or distance. You can go online and buy almost anything you want at any time of day or night.

If you are having a credit or debit card, you can make payment by letting them speak information and secret codes. They send goods in place by courier you pay in place by clicking with the mouse on your computer

websites that sell :.

There are a number of websites offering marketing services for sellers and buyers. . The very popular place is “” and “” These are all extra ordinary websites that sell almost everything on earth

Simple E commerce site :.

In a simple form, may be the e-commerce site through which the “goods store” may be displayed with phone number and email. They wanted to buy will call on the phone or informed by email.

The semi electronic process will continue to receive a bank draft and pass through courier or freight services

Market giants on the Internet :.

The website could be a bigger way by integrated payment gateway. shopping cart and credit card processing and dispatching system will work immediately. Sometimes downloadable products could be delivered in a few minutes, too., eBay and Com are Mammoth websites covering companies around the world with a massive stock of products and high trading volume.

They provide standard products and guaranteed delivery in a short time.


Free E-Commerce Website Using Google Sites and PayPal


I started with the goal to make a website that has nothing going costs, minimum charges transaction costs low maintenance. The choice of all the features integrated into one website? or can I manage the website and have a third party make financial transactions? Security is the key to answering this question, a third party will be my option. First, I did allocate research in free web hosting solutions, benefits, security and 100% uptime. The list got down some, I test them and decided to Google as part of all fields. The main disadvantage is also an option, it locks down allot of code, making it more difficult to carry out a heap of features and increases safety.

I’ve decided my web, now look at the system. The customer would have to be redirected to a secure website, data passed from my website and shopping cart had to be as low as it can be kidnapped or changed. I watched a lot from cool Java and PHP based shopping carts but in the end, all still send the code that could easily be changed by someone smart enough. PayPal and Google Checkout are the main players, to be in Australia, the Google Checkout exclude so I worked with PayPal.

Google site is very easy to use, first you give your website name, select a template and play around with formatting a bit. Add a picture of the item you want to sell, then put it in the back of your mind for a bit, now head of PayPal.

equip yourself with the PayPal account and change the account type to the Company . PayPal allows you to make pre-made buttons that are attached to your account, and that no amount or number of units depends on the site, it is very safe

Creating a PayPal Button :.

Profile >> Saved My Buttons >> Create a new button

Select Yes; create “Add to cart” button.

Give the item name, if you have many of the same items, including item number.

Select prices

On Options:

Postage weight or postage costs for these items.

Track Inventory, PayPal can stop people buying things if you run out of stock.

When the button has been created by selecting the tab email, copy and keep it for later.

Back to the Google web site and add a picture to be used as the “Add to cart” button. This can be one previously granted by PayPal or you can choose to make your own picture. Make sure you happy with the size, Google does give you the option of low, medium or large, but if you want something else, it is possible to change the HTML code option.

select the image, click the top link button. This is where you link to PayPal button, select the link to the remote site and paste in the PayPal link you retained from earlier

finished result my :.

http: / /


E Commerce: The Positive Negative


There are so many positives to open an ecommerce business online. For example, your business can be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it can open on holidays, even when you are personally enjoy the festivities. Ecommerce is usually much cheaper to start than brick and mortar counterpart. In many ways, it may seem like a no-brainer to rush headlong into the ecommerce store.

But some films should also be considered. For example, a website can be designed to a worldwide audience, but when you launch site it is simply a little known commodity on the edge of cyberspace. It is difficult to have a grand opening online because it can take awhile for consumers to find you.

So much rests on the seat of the site machine to help ecommerce stores get up and running.

One of the consumer as the Ecommerce is also one of the things that owners find most challenging – not a personal relationship with the buyer. Automatic ecommerce solution helps to maximize productivity while minimizing direct interaction with customers.

some sense of touch can be initiated with autoresponders that provide helpful tips and / or guidance to assist the buyer with the purchase of a new or separate business. a little bit better

Online companies have discovered ways to present potential consumer input …

1) Business Blog (Bblog) – This allows you to send personal items to the product, yourself and ecommerce store. For certain customers, this gives a personal touch that they may still desire. It also gives you some level of personal interaction with consumers

2) Forum -. This allows business owners to read up on what customers are saying about the product. Questions can be answered and elements of personal contact can clearly see

3) Comments Form -. Allow consumers the opportunity to make comments (both good and bad) that is automatically placed on your website. This can help other customers to make a decision because the reaction was not a member of ecommerce team. When the reaction is bad, make sure to respond, and if the product is certainly not solid performer sure to remove it from the lineup of available products. Even dissatisfied consumers can appreciate your willingness to do the right thing.

Most consumers are happy they do not need to speak to a sales associate. As a business owner you should also be excited that this knowledge gives you the opportunity to reach out to the disenfranchised consumers with products they need in an environment they are comfortable with. Just make sure your do your best to optimize your website so that search engines can rank your site in the best possible way.


A Brief explanation of what E-commerce is


E-commerce touches all key components of the economy and shows a series of complex issues. It involves the integration of many aspects of technology, infrastructure, business activities and public policy. All these factors need to work together as closely as possible to deliver the maximum benefits for its users. Most importantly, e-commerce requires new skills and forms of industrial organization; that it must also be examined by the social and political perspectives.

The transition of the global economy from an industrial focus on the one hand, the knowledge and information presents numerous opportunities and challenges. This new paradigm has a significant impact on how people lead their lives. It is enabled by the use of information and communication technology have led to a compression of time and space.

Increased speed of technological innovation, such as the rapid integration of the Internet and other communications based activities in almost every field of business has given rise to new ways to communicate, study and do business. The Internet has facilitated the establishment of “border-less” environment for communications and electronic delivery of certain services.

Enter e-commerce also known as e-commerce. Convergence technology is a major driving factor contributing to the rapid growth of electronic commerce. Convergence works by using technology to develop new products and services and is considered a vehicle to improve the quality of life in the community. Convergence will open new opportunities for all and all profits equal access to information and international markets. Small businesses will be able to compete on equal terms with corporations

But what is e-commerce

Electronic commerce can be defined broadly as:.?

“The use of electronic networks to exchange information, products, services and payments for commercial and communication purposes between individuals (consumers) and companies, between companies themselves, between individuals themselves within the government or between the public and government and last, between business and government “

This definition encompasses a variety of activities that are being conducted electronically and conveys the idea that electronic commerce is much broader than simply the purchase of goods and services electronically.

What are the advantages of e-commerce?

E-commerce is transforming the global market and its impact is to take care of a comprehensive enterprise. E-commerce requires an open, predictable and transparent business environment, which operates over territorial boundaries and jurisdiction. To foster an environment and realize the economic potential that requires international cooperation, which will be spent on developing the enabling conditions for growth.

Countries need to work together to remove barriers to the free flow of electronic products and services across jurisdictions and by solving problems that may arise due to a border character

The main advantages of e-commerce are demonstrable following benefits :.

Improved Response Time: Quick and cost efficient way in which to communicate and update

Improved competitive position :. Electronic commerce has the ability to level the playing field for small and large entities worldwide. Small and medium-sized businesses and public sector customers reap the benefits of e-commerce

Easy complete deals and financial transactions :. Click-and-pay technology is gaining popularity as a way in which to apply. Published information, communication, buying, selling, paying and stop orders will be 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

depth market reach and increase revenue :. Geographic barriers or boundaries are removed. That is an increase of Internet users to market products and services at lower cost and much faster

Increased consumer convenience and choice :. Consumers can easily find difficult to locate products and services, and also has a wide choice of who to buy anytime, anywhere.

reduced prices :. Increase competition forces organizations to produce better quality products at lower costs

Improved customer service :. Information is shared quickly by using the electronic medium

E-commerce has made life nice and simple technology improves, so will the concept of e-commerce to ensure that it is hassle free for its users.


e Commerce – Definition & Tips for Building Online Store


If you are looking for the definition of eCommerce, an explanation of how it works and what it can do for you, look no further. This article aims to give you an idea of ​​what the subject involves and how it can be used to capitalize the company.

E Commerce (Electronic Commerce) is the process of selling goods or services over the internet. The advantages of using the Internet as a platform to sell your products are numerous, but the pitfalls are just as many. To avoid the pitfalls and make the most of this selling agent, there are a few things to consider.

The E Commerce Website

The website E Commerce is the location where products can be found. A good way to start taking advantage of the Internet as a selling tool is to use an established website to advertise your products, such as eBay or Amazon. Although this method ensures some products allowed for coordinated traffic to these sites, if the company you choose will impose a fee for registration with the commission and when sold. This method is also limited in terms of shape online brand your business. Bring your own e-commerce website gives you complete control over how products are registered and how the site looks. You can also use your own website to publicize contact information and allow people to make inquiries.

to get visitors to your e-Commerce Website

The lure of established auction or sale websites in accordance traffic. When you create an e-commerce website for your own business you need to ensure that people get to see it. This is an ongoing process that is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which ensures that search engines take off the correct information from your site and rank it as highly as possible. In addition, SEO includes the presentation of the site and should be an ongoing process.

E Commerce Software Solutions

This is a system that runs on your website and creates content for visitors to see. There are numerous solutions E commerce software out there. They can be grouped as follows:

Open Source E Commerce solution – These solutions are free to download and try, but keep in mind that they were developed by a community and as such they can not provide support for the implementation of your

Commercial E Commerce solution -. These solutions are similar to open source packages unless they are produced by the company, and need permission to buy. The advantage of this solution is the company that produced the software can be relied on to provide support

Bespoke E Commerce solution -. These solutions are manufactured specifically for one site with a web design company. This should give you a unique look shop and you will be able to negotiate with the design company exactly the shape you’re after. While this may require the highest initial outlay, it will go a long way to complete online presence for your company.

E Commerce Hosting

This is the service used to host your online business. There are many different E commerce hosting providers that offer the appropriate package but in fact you need, web space, server side scripting (ASP or PHP, for example), a database (to store information about your products) and SSL certificates. An SSL Certificate enables your visitors to encrypt the data they send to your site. This is necessary to operate securely shop where visitors need to enter sensitive information, such as their credit card details.

Hosting Features extend way out of those mentioned above, but they are essential to set up E Commerce online shop.


The unique feature of E-Commerce


Now Ecommerce is the buzz word. Although it is omnipresent but we never realize its importance primarily because it is known by different names. People Site promotion, SEO, affiliate marketing, and many other things but the goal is the same ie getting customers and selling products or services. ‘E’ is just a medium to transact online. I will be listing some peculiar characteristics of e-commerce makes it quite noticeable

Distribution -. In the traditional trade, the market is a physical place to visit to transact. For example, television and radio generally directed to encourage customers to go somewhere to buy. E-commerce is ubiquitous, which means it is available just about everywhere at all times. The laser market from being tied to a physical space and makes it possible to shop on your desktop. The result is called market space. From the consumer point of view, ubiquity reduces transaction costs – the cost of participating in the market. Transact, it is no longer necessary that you spend time and money to travel to the market. At a broader level, the ubiquity of e-commerce lowers cognitive energy required to complete the task

Global Reach -. E-commerce technology allows the store to cross cultural borders and more conveniently and effectively compared to traditional commerce. Therefore, the potential market size for e-commerce merchants is roughly equal to the size of the online world’s population

Universal Standards -. One striking unusual features of e-commerce technology is the technical standards of the Internet and the technical standards for the implementation of e-commerce are universal standards, ie they are part of all nations around the world

Interactivity -. Unlike some advertising techniques of the twentieth century, with the possible exception of telephone, e-commerce technologies are interactive, which means that they allow for two-way communication between retailers and consumers

Information density and richness -. The Internet vastly increase the information density. It is the total amount and quality of information available to all market participants, consumers and traders. E-commerce technology reduce data collection, storage, communication and processing costs. At the same time, this technology greatly enhance the accuracy and timeliness of information, making information more useful and important than ever. Therefore, information will be plentiful, cheaper and higher quality. Information richness refers to the complexity and content of the message

Personalization -. E-commerce technologies allow personalization. Traders can target their marketing messages to specific individuals by adjusting the message to a person’s name, interests and recent acquisitions. The technology also allows customization. Traders can change a product or service based on user preferences and previous behavior.

E-commerce technology make it possible for traders to know much more about consumers and use this information better than ever. Online merchants can use this information to develop new equality information, enhance their ability to branded products, put up the price premium for high quality service and market segment in an endless number of sub-groups, each receiving different prices.


E-Commerce Trends – 5 Tips For 2010


Although we are already in the middle of 2010, we can still ‘forecast’ for 2010. What can we expect and how it will affect you as a (future) web shop owner?

1. Drastically increase the speed of communication. Our world is becoming faster and faster, the same is even more true for the online world. As customers use newer and faster communication tools and they used their speed (let’s think about communication on Twitter or email, compared to the development 10 years ago), they also have higher expectations of companies with which they do their shopping on. The importance of customer service increased remarkably in the future and call centers will be replaced by a kind experience center. These centers will be collection Communication tools that ensures two-way communication with customers through multiple channels and in real time.

2. Increase the use of social media. Companies have realized how they can earn money with the help of Twitter and Facebook. However, I think that the importance of these social media are not the same as people think. Customers sign up for Facebook, Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools to connect with each other and not to go shopping – and they do not like being inside all the time with the bids. The only thing the seller should do is listen to their communication and answer it. It should be built in communication tools. Social Media is rather used as a customer service channel for business performance and they use it to build brand and communities -. Of course, sometimes a few sales type message might appear

3. Without personality businesses will be more difficult. Whether we like it or not, expectations for e-retailers are increasing and they are considered not only as a supplier of products but as partners who solve problems and can be trusted. The more competition grows among web shops, the more it is necessary to distinguish us from others. We have to take sympathetic identity that customers want. That is why those who have ‘one among many’ type plain shop will have problems.

4. Growing role of returning customers. It is basic marketing fact that customer value is not equal to the value of their initial purchase. The more times the customer comes back to buy, the more valuable they are to us. As online markets are becoming saturated, gaining profit in the first acquisition is becoming more and more difficult. If the initial purchase is not profitable, the secret of long-term earnings are returning customers. Nowadays, we can not let these customers know us easily. Customer satisfaction based on the quality and appropriate communication and fast and efficient service are the key points. Social Media can offer assistance in this. Marketing, logistics and customer service departments need to work together for better results.

5. Automation is not an option any more E-retailers are not in an easy position :. Their task is ever increasing. If we do not want to overload us with work and we want to have some free time as well, then the only option remaining is automation. This means not only the business procedures and all communication as well. Unfortunately, the new two-way communication tools do not complete automation for us but it is better to automate what can be automated. Otherwise, the task load will increase exponentially and we’ll be sitting there wondering what we have done wrong.


Advantages of Web 2.0 eCommerce


Web 2.0 eCommerce is one of the many boons Web 2.0 innovations that have made online shopping experience very simple and effective. The biggest advantage of this application is to provide online services and products can offer better customer service and customers can communicate more easily and effectively. The various features of Web 2.0 eCommerce are considered below.


depends on the satisfaction derived from the product or service, the customer can leave the rating (5-star rating scale) with their comments on the product catalog online. This makes other potential customers to assess the suitability of the product.

Using Digital Video To Showcase product

With the advancement of Internet technology, it has now become very easy to show the product through video coverage on your own. The video coverage can be added in your description with the help of websites such as or Responding to a video showing the product is always greater than any other mode of presentation and Web 2.0 eCommerce has made this possible.


with keywords for tagging products online catalog is a very effective way to make it easy for potential customers to reach your site with minimal effort. Gone are the days of searching using the names or descriptions of them. Need of the hour is speed, as time is invaluable for everyone.

Comparative Study

Web 2.0 eCommerce makes it possible for customers to do comparative studies on various products through product comparison websites, in order to get the best deal. You can plug your ecommerce website in this international comparison websites such as and avail of the benefits of easily discovered by prospective customers.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to inform your customers through the updated message when you add a new product or make changes in prices due to the promotion offers or other reasons. Such immediate information can not be reached by other means.

Instant Calling Option

With the help of Web 2.0 eCommerce applications, you can set up instant calling facility on your website that will enable you to call your customers thereof. All you have to do is to ask customers to provide their phone numbers and the most convenient time when they can be contacted. You can help to set up this feature.

Instant Message Service

Web 2.0 eCommerce also allows you to chat with your customers as if they were sitting across the table when they visit your website and need some clarification regarding product. This service can be set up easily with the help of Effective marketing online product can only take place if you are able to communicate immediately with a prospective buyer and provide any explanations he / she needs.

Web 2.0 eCommerce scores over the previous version by providing an easier and larger scale communication between your website and the user.


E-Commerce Business and Marketing


Using E-commerce marketing, you can purchase any number of products from a particular company online. However, the company will have to work out whether investment in complex e-commerce solution is worthwhile for their business, and whether their products are suitable for universal appeal. You need to make sure you invest in e-commerce marketing software that is suitable for the products it provides, but also within the price range you can afford. The type of business e-commerce marketing is especially suited for include software, hardware, tourism, real estate, computer systems and financial solutions. Recent research indicates that over three million people have shopped online at once. The biggest users of e-commerce marketing sites live in Europe (especially the UK and Portugal) and Indonesia.

In order to make the most of e-commerce site you will need to market it successfully, or else you will not make any profit. Social networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are great places to attract potential customers. You can also use discounts, free gifts or money from the vouchers to attract new customers. When these visitors come to your site you need to provide good offers and well designed to encourage them to buy your products. Make sure any deals you make are genuine and you can support any responsibility for your actions. A marketing company will be very experienced in this and help you provide the best information to attract the most customers.

In this technological age, you’re just going to be able to successfully compete with other companies if you have a good e-commerce marketing. You also need to market it well so that potential customers know that your site is and want to use it. There are a great number of e-commerce marketing sites online that can help you to make your website more popular. They have the benefit of knowing the market and are aware of the best places to advertise products and services to attract the largest number of customers.

This Business to Business Marketing sites can greatly improve the amount of visitors to your website and bring profit margins up significantly. They can help promote products and services worldwide and maximize your market share. They can help you find a new audience for the product and therefore cause many more sales than you would get if you did not use e-commerce marketing.


E Commerce – Advantages and Disadvantages


E Commerce’s use of the internet for buying and selling goods and services. Electronic commerce or e-commerce for short can be traced back to the electronic transfer of funds. Since then it has grown and is now used extensively. The best example of e-commerce is the purchase of an item on the internet using a credit card. The money is transferred to the supplier and the buyer will receive their order by mail.

Like any business, E Commerce has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them –


• Global Reach: This is the greatest advantage of electronic commerce. It allows companies and individuals to reach world markets. Companies are not bound by geographical boundaries and can accommodate local, national and international markets. Time limits can also be overcome by electronic commerce. Customers can shop the same time of day as it increases sales and profits.

• It gives people the opportunity to look for the best deals. One can research the product he or she wants to buy and may have the product at a much cheaper price. Sometimes the original manufacturer can be located and the product can be obtained at a big discount. Customers also get the chance to read reviews posted by previous buyers before making the purchase.

• E Commerce reduces the cost of business by reducing the cost of marketing, customer care and inventory management. It allows companies to market their products on a large consumer base at a significantly reduced cost. This savings in costs means more profit and better customer care

Disadvantages .:

• Many people still do not have access to the internet due to the poor condition or lack of knowledge. Most people do not trust the impersonal financial transactions made online and not use the Internet for any business.

• People want to shop for perishable items such as food in the traditional way rather than using the Internet. The time required for these goods is the destruction of it. A great investment is required to achieve market perishable products and investment guarantee success.

• If delayed transmission you have to make some calls and write some email. Returning to the order and get a refund is also very difficult. You will bear the cost of the consignment in such cases.

Advantages E Commerce more than disadvantages and that so many companies using ecommerce. It is to be constantly modified to suit the needs of their customers and this is helping to build confidence in the system. More and more people are using ecommerce daily.