E-Commerce Trends – 5 Tips For 2010


Although we are already in the middle of 2010, we can still ‘forecast’ for 2010. What can we expect and how it will affect you as a (future) web shop owner?

1. Drastically increase the speed of communication. Our world is becoming faster and faster, the same is even more true for the online world. As customers use newer and faster communication tools and they used their speed (let’s think about communication on Twitter or email, compared to the development 10 years ago), they also have higher expectations of companies with which they do their shopping on. The importance of customer service increased remarkably in the future and call centers will be replaced by a kind experience center. These centers will be collection Communication tools that ensures two-way communication with customers through multiple channels and in real time.

2. Increase the use of social media. Companies have realized how they can earn money with the help of Twitter and Facebook. However, I think that the importance of these social media are not the same as people think. Customers sign up for Facebook, Twitter and other Web 2.0 tools to connect with each other and not to go shopping – and they do not like being inside all the time with the bids. The only thing the seller should do is listen to their communication and answer it. It should be built in communication tools. Social Media is rather used as a customer service channel for business performance and they use it to build brand and communities -. Of course, sometimes a few sales type message might appear

3. Without personality businesses will be more difficult. Whether we like it or not, expectations for e-retailers are increasing and they are considered not only as a supplier of products but as partners who solve problems and can be trusted. The more competition grows among web shops, the more it is necessary to distinguish us from others. We have to take sympathetic identity that customers want. That is why those who have ‘one among many’ type plain shop will have problems.

4. Growing role of returning customers. It is basic marketing fact that customer value is not equal to the value of their initial purchase. The more times the customer comes back to buy, the more valuable they are to us. As online markets are becoming saturated, gaining profit in the first acquisition is becoming more and more difficult. If the initial purchase is not profitable, the secret of long-term earnings are returning customers. Nowadays, we can not let these customers know us easily. Customer satisfaction based on the quality and appropriate communication and fast and efficient service are the key points. Social Media can offer assistance in this. Marketing, logistics and customer service departments need to work together for better results.

5. Automation is not an option any more E-retailers are not in an easy position :. Their task is ever increasing. If we do not want to overload us with work and we want to have some free time as well, then the only option remaining is automation. This means not only the business procedures and all communication as well. Unfortunately, the new two-way communication tools do not complete automation for us but it is better to automate what can be automated. Otherwise, the task load will increase exponentially and we’ll be sitting there wondering what we have done wrong.


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