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generation barter system

Men in ancient times sought and collected basic food, clothing and shelter requirements of nature. They carried them in a small way to suit their tastes.

Later, they started to produce something with the help of nature, store them to exchange a product of other people. This is when the barter system began

medium of exchange :.

When the requirements of the species and quantities were grown up a common medium of exchange for buying and selling goods was required. They were coins made from stone, leather and metals

coins and articles :.

We are well aware of the current medium exchange of money. Coins of different metal alloys and paper currencies play a key role in exchanging a variety of goods, services, ideas or concepts in this business. Banks are store houses for such money, and accounting process for the money of depositors

Paper for plastic cards :.

The latest trend is to use plastic cards for payments. Agent is now shifting towards “no part” and “money less’ business. We call it electronic commerce. In this, the economic activity is governed by the electronic media and electronic processes as well.

payments Gone! credit card!

Now, everybody pays for goods suppliers and their service provider only through a credit or debit card. Payment in cash is more or less gone forever. All shops, department stores, restaurants gas stations accept payments with credit cards.

Tele phone and mail order companies do welcome amenities cards. The success of the retail business depends on approval of credit

Swipe Card :.

economic change now. From live

exchange money with material width change in a variety of methods to sell. You can take the product on the table or get delivered at home, when you make a payment with a swipe card bank.

Tele marketing allows people to identify products by brand, information by phone or ‘as seen on TV’. They order only on the phone and buy it by sending payment by bank draft or cash on delivery system

E Commerce is a mouse click :.

New Business, Internet marketing or e-commerce transactions is to exchange goods and money over the Internet instead of against sales. You can see a picture of the products; learn product information on the vendor website. You can place your order and make payment of place.

There is no barrier of time or distance. You can go online and buy almost anything you want at any time of day or night.

If you are having a credit or debit card, you can make payment by letting them speak information and secret codes. They send goods in place by courier you pay in place by clicking with the mouse on your computer

websites that sell :.

There are a number of websites offering marketing services for sellers and buyers. . The very popular place is “” and “” These are all extra ordinary websites that sell almost everything on earth

Simple E commerce site :.

In a simple form, may be the e-commerce site through which the “goods store” may be displayed with phone number and email. They wanted to buy will call on the phone or informed by email.

The semi electronic process will continue to receive a bank draft and pass through courier or freight services

Market giants on the Internet :.

The website could be a bigger way by integrated payment gateway. shopping cart and credit card processing and dispatching system will work immediately. Sometimes downloadable products could be delivered in a few minutes, too., eBay and Com are Mammoth websites covering companies around the world with a massive stock of products and high trading volume.

They provide standard products and guaranteed delivery in a short time.


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