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Ecommerce From the customer’s point of view


This research paper will compare and contrast the characteristics of a traditional brick and mortar (B & M) Shopper with those of online shoppers. In addition, research will identify similarities and differences between virtual and real-world customers. Identify the difference between the world of e-commerce and the real world in terms of customers. Determining what traditional customer relations can and can not be transported into the world of e-commerce. Assess what new communications technologies are uniquely available in the world of e-commerce. And demonstrate how to use multimedia technology creates a Successful E-commerce websites. Discussion customer communication strategies and real-world examples will be presented.

Compare and contrast Models

Brick and mortar shoppers go to a specific building to buy products. The location has a physical presence that enables clients to have face to face communication with employees. Online shoppers are able to log on and search for items and make purchases from the comfort of their own home. Online shoppers have some advantages over brick and mortar shoppers this reason.

Several factors can be used to compare and contrast the differences between brick and mortar shoppers and their counterparts. Pricing will affect due to unavoidable expenses such as travel. Shop has a very low cost. This makes the cost of retail display space, and storage costs are minimized. Additionally, online shoppers can make factory direct. This reduces storage costs further. This allows online shoppers to take advantage of more savings possible by avoiding these additional costs. Bricks and mortar stores falling unavoidable costs. A location must be built on utility expenses. A brick and mortar store will hire workers so salaries would also participate. Maintaining the place will bring additional costs as well. Moreover, theft can also be a factor. These factors can make CPA higher than an online shopper.

Val vary online compared to local needs and demands of brick and mortar stores. Online stores usually specialize in a particular area. Because of this specialization it may be easier for online shoppers to find hard to find items that may or may not be available in brick and mortar stores. Online shoppers can find more items because of international demand different things. Both men and women can choose from online items. On the other hand, are brick and mortar locations dependent on local demand. If demand in Miami for coats and jackets is minimal compared to New York, the brick and mortar shoppers in Miami find fewer choices at higher prices. In addition, many items in a brick and mortar store may only be available seasonally. This would have negative results for shoppers looking for items out of season.

Convenience can also be a factor for live interaction versus electronic communication. Brick and mortar shoppers will have the ability touch and feel. This will give brick and mortar shoppers stronger connection to purchase the item or not. Online shoppers would not have to drive anywhere, flue gas, dress up, or looking for parking. He or she could simply browsing the web in search of a particular item they are interested in. State taxes even avoided by buying goods online against the brick and mortar store. Shipping and postage can be avoided brick and mortar shoppers. They can simply buy the item and take the item directly from the store. There may be items that are too big and bulky. Shipping and postage will definitely apply to these situations. Online shoppers will bear the delivery charges each time. Shipping charges can be hidden within the price of the item. Online shoppers may not realize that he or she was charged delivery fee. This approach allows online shopping to find less expensive and more functional.

responsibility can be similar for both the buyer. Online shoppers and brick and mortar shoppers will tend to have a similar guarantee. The guarantee is provided by the manufacturer. While brick and mortar stores may make the services themselves, usually this is controlled by the manufacturer. Finally, the returns can be handled more easy to brick and mortar shoppers. Brick and mortar shoppers will know the exact method they want to engage with when talking to someone. Although most stores allow returns buyer may deal with distant parties. The returned items covered shipping and restocking fees. Dealing with employee face to face can be much more convenient and practical when involved in any return.

Site Design and customer needs

When designing e-commerce site, the designer needs to consider the similarities and differences between virtual and traditional real-world customer environments, what forms of communication are uniquely accessible e-commerce customers and what forms of communication can not be successfully transferred to the world of e-commerce.

The first area would be e-commerce site designer needs to understand both the similarities and differences between virtual and traditional real-world customer environments and to recognize the differences in communication models. First and foremost, organizations need to realize that managing communications can be difficult for both virtual employee and client because these people are not physically present in the office location to have verbal and physical confirmation message or order. Some other factors are different time zones, local working hours and holidays, a full English with specific technical language (and organizational abbreviations), cultural traditions, hierarchical plans for message dissemination and response. Sometimes the only common ground between the virtual and real-world customer organization jargon and abbreviations.

Another area to evaluate what new communication technologies are uniquely available in the world of e-commerce and determine what traditional customer relations can and can not be transported into the world of e-commerce. Three communication choices that are uniquely available for organizations of all sizes in the world of e-commerce, Internet, Intranet and Extranet. The benefits of using this technology is to attract new customers and create new partners, improve communication with customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders. The benefits of increasing productivity, improving quality of care, reduce operating costs and provide information quickly and cost effectively can lead

Internet communication decisions can be :.


discussion mailing list


Instant messaging and chat


Internet Telephony

file transfer

Intranets are private company network and accessible by employees or authorized dealer and requires a logon and password. Employees are easily able to access important information about the company such as employee benefits, corporate strategy, career opportunities and tutorials. Extranets are a type of external intranet. Access includes employees and is open to suppliers and customers. A Logon and password is also required. The unmediated real-time communication types such as one-on-one conversations, speeches

[19459002kynningarogípersónufundumerugerðirhefðbundinnasamskiptaviðskiptavinasemekkiyrðifluttinníheiminumafe-verslun] The third area was the site designer to show how using multimedia technology can create an effective e-commerce site for the customer. Using this technology, organizations can be competitive and meet customer needs in three main areas: quality, price and service. As to meet the expectations of customer service that customer service does the same on the Web as it is in a physical store: It covers all the efforts that go into making customers feel wanted, appreciated, and that they are dealing with a company that will offer them a quality product at a reasonable price. The site, in the absence of actual merchandise salespeople to answer questions, customer service will literally be built into the fabric of the company website.

Customer Communication Strategies

enumerable communication strategies can be employed by e-commerce website. Efficient and effective use of web tools are key to increasing customer visit to the website. In general, most companies will implement strategies that are easy to use and target a larger market. But niche marketing strategies, either under the umbrella of the parent company or as a standalone tool are the ways of commerce to be applied as well.

With a greater number of online business, and potential customers, companies are turning to Customer Chat to accelerate the resolution of customer issues. This program is starting to gain momentum as it enables communication with representatives quickly and has the potential to increase sales due to act immediately. Even though instant messaging programs are efficient, many customers are unwilling to share their personal information on the internet. This issue is part of the website design process is called support program. This is where the issues of security and customer relations management directly for building ecommerce website, able to do online business. Individual companies, such as PayPal have aided small business entrepreneur by offering secure payment for the transfer of securities online at affordable rates. This, along with online shopping carts have greatly increased the customer buying experience.

companies use email as a standard to facilitate the written support and service. It allows for contact in familiar fashion with the customer and avoid the need to wait in the waiting service. This option works well for individuals who do not require immediate response. It does not allow for very detailed or visual responses.

Another strategy many companies are turning to audio and video techniques for real-time access to information that may not be understood in a written format. This approach enables customers to view information through the audio or video. This type of information is one-way communication but is expected interactive or real-time access with the addition of video conferencing. This type of strategy works very well for training and for customers who have visual or audio to help with learning or understanding of information. For customers who need more direction or explanation, the contact page of the company using a form with a comment section, business address and customer service phone and fax number.

source contact center is a necessity for many businesses in order to correct issues in billing, sales or technical support. This technology allows the company to support its customers through personal contacts and access to professionals who can solve their problems or explain their bill. This policy will continue to be as many people are unwilling to go to the next level of customer service through the use of web tools.

Internal customers are also an important part of e-commerce. The employee must be well trained in their jobs, and up-to-date on the company’s mission, policies and procedures. In order to source internal customers the company needs to integrate internal site, known as the intranet. Since these internal customers are the first contact to the external customer it will be important that they are trained effectively, thus giving the first internal strategy, the need for training tools and education data is easily accessible and allows internal customers assistance when working with external customers. Along with all programs need options for aid workers to leave the information passed on through the intranet! This technology allows for the creation of a network through an internal way that is safe and accessible for all businesses. This strategy is to become a leading trend for most companies actually cut the cost of travel and time for employees but still makes human interface and communication.

overall strategies needed to support customers are posing a pleasant experience for customers, whether local or remote, internal or external. The possibilities of the Internet and intranet are numerous and only a few are described below, most of the methods needed by companies are as individual as the company itself and a lot of thought needs to be put into that is the right solution for its customers.


This article is the analysis of e-commerce from the customer’s point of view compared and contrast features of a traditional brick and mortar (B & M) shoppers with the network buyers. Studies identify similarities and differences between virtual and real-world customers, analyzing the difference between the world of e-commerce and the real world in terms of customers, the traditional communications customers can and can not be moved into the world of e-commerce. In addition, new communications technologies discussed and examples were shown how the use of multimedia technology creates a Successful E-commerce websites. Discussion customer communication strategies and real-world examples were presented. Analysis research has led to the conclusion that ecommerce from the customer’s point of view, can be defined as offering customers tools that can most efficiently to the outcome; customer satisfaction and retention.


E-Marketing and E-Commerce in Pharmaceutical Business


If the content of E-Marketing is slowly but surely gaining momentum, then Pharmaceutical E-Commerce still in its infancy. I have not seen as many mistakes and bad moves anywhere in the B2B area as a Pharma. Unfortunately, many companies are taking a completely wrong approach in hiring or subcontracting cross-industry e-marketing experts to conduct this very complex and specific field.

There are not many real experts in the field (I’ve heard stories from them when applying for jobs in the industry, they are often faced with the appointment of someone with no idea Pharma -specific problems whatsoever.

These people do not even know the most common abbreviations used in pharma / API business, such as: DMF, USP, BP, etc. Therefore, in many cases, take Pharma or marketing companies such new media expert who put the emphasis on user experience, WEB 2, interactivity and other secondary. gauge This method creates a system Pharmaceutical e-Marketing similar marketing of food and beauty products But Pharma industry is noticeably different So the main advice would be: if .. get on board the barley / API expert then make sure he / she knows the industry itself not just in general B2B (C) E-Marketing.

At the same time, let’s discuss it Pharma E-Marketing is and how it should be organized. Many factors that are similar topic and a number of different.

The pharmaceutical market is going through turbulent times. In fact, the only thing protecting it from invasion by highly advanced R & D companies from Asia and the Far East is a large number of regulations and agreements. At the same time, regulations and agreements in developing markets are less strict, and cheaper generic alternatives are becoming very competitive. One of the few weapons in the hands of the media Brands generic labeling as hazardous. If in some cases they reason, then in many others they do not. For example; some simple medicines manufactured in the Far East are made in the same factory, both generic and brand options. Brand products Pharmacies carry one of the oddest features seen on the market, the packaging costs more than the content. This is an example of a weak point where generics are hitting them hard! Especially in developing markets.

Therefore, new media sub-contractors are taking on not Pharma expert but PR professionals with new media backgrounds, in order to create a comprehensive presentation of the system make the products even more expensive (to absorb the cost). This gives generics more space to operate and requires fresh promotional effort from brands, creating an endless circle.

Another common mistake made by inexperienced new media is a misconception Pharma itself and levels involved. For example, in many cases, pharmaceutical companies that want to market a new development approach new media company which immediately begin a campaign for the “new medicine”. At the same time the compound in question is actually API which has completely different ways to present and promote the product. Therefore, let us define the actual term “Pharmaceutical E-Marketing,” which is not really a concept and could be divided into three categories

  1. End users (including physicians and hospitals) This is actually something that is commonly known as “Pharma e-Marketing” but in fact only the tip of the iceberg. At this point most of the mistakes are made by mixing it up with the rest of the pharmaceutical industry. It is largely based on providing reports, scientific data, etc. to experts in order to start the presentation of the new product. A type of the e-marketing techniques used nowadays is new media.
  2. Bulk drugs This sector is not visible to the end user and mostly includes established drugs like antibiotics, antipyretic, etc. The competition is getting tougher, but is mostly left outside the scope of the E -Marketing. Type e-Marketing used -. From the catalog on the web portals substances
  3. API new and probably the most exciting area of ​​pharma e-Marketing. API is a pure B2B as they are distributed between the companies Pharmacies only. There are very few experts in the field, but because of the tremendous progress in this area in countries like India and China industry is about to get serious momentum. Type e-Marketing used – very individual, depending on the skills of a specialist within .

Overall, two opposite tendencies in section 1 and 2 of the list above. The flow of brand promotion and the flow of generic information aimed mainly to developing markets. In fact, the tie situation at the moment as one of them wins. Well, almost tie and generic drugs have the edge over the brand and if this option is pressed home the gap will more shortly. There are well known methods of branding such as “smear campaign” method used in anti-generic strategy. But at the same time there are possibilities for e-marketing generics are truly unlimited as they are not bound by the same restrictions as branding experts have almost everywhere from Pharma washing up liquid and granular. Therefore, if someone taps into this very pharma-specific policies that, even with a thousand times less investment than brands, it is possible to achieve much better results.

The third section is terra incognita for many E-Commerce experts simply because it has a lot of industry-specific and scientific information. At the same time there are numerous high-quality R & D laboratories in Asia and the Far East as the production and know-how from Western competition. So introduce their products to other Pharmacies and R & D company is to become a high-priority task.


Ecommerce 21st century


Simply put, in-store is the “buying and selling goods and services online.” Usually it is done through a specific website. In recent years, e-commerce activity has exponentially grown, overtaking traditional trading strategies. The latest developments show that online shopping continues to grow, and e-commerce in the early years of the 21st century is estimated to have the range of billions to trillions of dollars.

E-commerce will be agreeably large part of the 21st century world economy.

So why is it important to me?

The Internet industry is going great. Today, telephone, cable and satellite TV companies fight over supremacy for providing Internet connectivity to the United States. AT & T would not have invested billions to get the TV companies and open high-speed wire leading to households, if they did not see big benefits in return. What benefits are we talking about?

The growth of the Internet industry brings with it an onslaught of millions of Internet users. Different sources contend that it will soon be over 100 million people use the World Wide Web. About 25% are Internet shoppers. For businessmen, the internet is obviously important site for potential customers. Not only can it cater to more customers, it can also increase in areas not within the immediate reach of the company.

Moreover, e-commerce is a fast and affordable way shipping products. Payments online are faster too. Thus, if you are on public marketing business, e-commerce is an important part of the future.

For consumers, however, e-commerce also plays an important role in the purchase of goods. Search through the Internet is much more convenient and faster than real shopping. Products sold online has also increased due to easier ad. Customers can also easily confirmed details of goods sold. Payment also proves to be faster, but there are risks of sham. Nevertheless, e-commerce is also important for consumers

If you want to be successful online merchants :.

With its prominence, it would certainly make for good business to start growing market through the Internet. However, e-commerce can do as much good and bad. Skills for online transactions are also necessary to succeed.

Some of these skills include Web design, graphics, HTML, CGI programming, e-commerce software installation and maintenance, website maintenance, search engine registration, web-based promotion, Java or Javascript literacy, database, security protocol and much more.

For a successful online business, decide if you over these various computer and internet skills. These skills are important for commercial use, marketing plans and easier transactions online. If you do not have all of these, you can hire people to do different jobs for the store. For instance, one could hire people to be in charge of setting up and maintaining e-commerce software, and another team to keep the website. You may also hire a consultant to help you see different activities. Keep in mind, however, that e-commerce, just like a traditional business, still needs a lot of work. Just over a network.


Principles of Good Ecommerce Website Design


E Commerce website design has become very popular today. All types of businesses, small or large, are building ecommerce websites to expand their business because they know that an electronic store can offer owners and clients many advantages. They are similar to a traditional shop where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods for money. One of the main advantages of ecommerce website design is that it can perform many different functions apart from selling.

If you’re thinking about the basic principles of good ecommerce website design, you must include the right tools, reliable payroll, shopping carts, and other things that make it safe and useful for your customers. Remember that your ecommerce website will be open around the clock; Therefore, customers will have enough time to check your site and to compare prices with other companies.

Navigation is crucial for any ecommerce website design. Make sure your site is to navigate. Remember that your customers come from different sectors of society, so some of them will have a great ability to buy online and others will not. If people can not immediately see what they are looking for, their perception will be negative and they will leave. The whole website should have clear information to guide visitors to the right page. Photos can be very helpful to assist customers with the purchase method.

Making Money from ECommerce over the Internet is a dream that can be realized for different types of institutions. To fulfill this ambition, it is necessary to follow different basic ecommerce website principles that we have already mentioned, or other designs that may come from the creative mind. It is important to remember that these sites function as online storefront of traditional shops. Therefore, it will be attractive to make visitors stay and come back to buy more products. It is also important to offer absolute security for transactions that are made with credit and debit cards.

Finally, shopping car software can not be out of this little summary of the basic ecommerce website design principles. It is an operating program that offers customers to purchase goods and services and store them during the process. Literally, they can push their cart along an online store. When they see a product they want to buy, they put it in their cart only by clicking on it. It’s like a real store.

The Internet is saturated with ecommerce websites that are not useful for customers or owners. Do not make your business to be part of this category. Use all ecommerce principles which may be relevant to your business and be ready to enjoy your own success.


e Commerce to lower business overhead costs


e commerce or electronic commerce is the most popular format to run and grow the business in the information age. Due to technical integration with deep business, eCommerce has emerged as a significant source of increased revenue and reduced cost. The integration of Internet technology and database management systems, enabling companies to operate their businesses in an orderly manner.

eCommerce curbs costs underutilized or increase the added expense of the economy at the end of the fiscal year. The concept of e-commerce reduces transaction costs in the following manner:

Efficient Method: Electronic sell almost reduces claims processing as papers for invoice generation, billing errors and manual measurement units sold in stores. Electronic sell is more efficient system, which saves time, money and manpower efforts of the company. This means a hassle free service without carrying heavy personnel costs, required at the time of check out of a physical outlet. In addition to that, especially inaccuracies and minimum errors transaction make eCommerce staff to enjoy the focus on more profit generating activities

Obsolete Brick & Mortar :. E-stores reduce the cost of physical outlet establishment and later their maintenance costs. Counterpart of e-commerce is – all earning retail sector is further divided into numerous expenses such as maintenance of the environment of the outlet, electricity bills, wage labor is employed, telephone bills, equipment and machinery to keep records and inventory, security and rent. However, revenue generated from e-commerce has fewer elements to spend, between the process of getting an order and deliver it to the customer

Optimize Inventory Management :. Managing inventory is expensive property. Whether selling cars or apparels, one has to spend a good amount of money showcases, storage, packaging and other requirements stock conservation. All these extra costs spread margin significantly. Yet e-commerce does not have the physical space to display and store items; However, component packaging costs of e-commerce format too, but it does not act as an extra cost, because the packaging needed for the sale of goods and not for unsold items.

Reduced Payment Method Cost: A physical store, employees, telephones, computers and payment machines to complete payment; For e-commerce, companies only need a good payment gateway to host their business successfully, and in a safe environment.


Benefits of E-Commerce customers and owners


E-commerce is already widely known and recognized today. Many companies use it for easier transactions. While still some flaws in it, there are actually many advantages to doing business online. Here are a few points about the benefits of E-Commerce.

Customer Feedback

When you are asking for customer feedback through the Internet, they can promptly respond to you without having to go through the hassle by making formal business mail. This will not cost you anything except time customer, and only a few for your business as it continues to develop. When people visit your site, they would easily see feedback from other customers, which would make them feel safer. That is why you need to make sure you get positive feedback!

Better Customer Service

You can enhance your customer service, not just by phone or have staff available at the store, but also can handle their concerns through the World Wide Web. Most queries are very common and are just repetitious. So, you can also add a page on your site stating that all or Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s. Thus, it will save more time on your part, and it will provide more detailed information for the client, rather than having a salesperson who could lose out explain something. The website that you set up a worldwide page is actually a Cyber-help desk for customers, 75% of customers today prefer online shopping.

The sale

it is only but natural for customers to want to know more information about the product they are going to buy for you. Through this website you have installed, you can provide all the necessary information in creative ways, such as putting it in the multi-media and design it in a way that is fun and draw so it makes the customer wants instead to buy such products. Also, earlier in 2000, it was predicted that 200 million customers will have access to the internet. With this number, many companies are taking the opportunity to achieve these millions of people.

Communication with staff

If you have sales representatives who are traveling around the world to promote the product, and they had to usually call you long distance to have consult with you, and of course you had to pay for these international calls that would surely be expensive on your part. But because of the website, they only need to e-mail you personally through private parts staff and consult with you on business issues.


With the webpage you’ve set up, customers can give you their insights on what they think about the product. They can do this easier and faster. Thus it is possible to further develop the business and maximize its potential while at the same time, which gives very good service to your customers. You can have a prediction of what innovation to do, how and where to market.

These are just a few benefits that will surely help someone who has a business and contemplating going in E-commerce.


Effects of E-Commerce at Global Economy


The effects of e-commerce on the global economy is extensive. It is a profound and decisive impact on businesses worldwide, leveling the playing field for companies outside of traditional industrial powerhouse in many ways. Because people can shop online without ever leaving their homes and shop at any store that has a online commerce site, no matter where your business is located, international trade is competitive and has less barriers than ever.

One way to measure the impact of e-commerce on the global economy is to realize how it affects traditional brick and mortar business. There is no potential for traditional brick and mortar business to stay out of e-commerce; companies simply can not exist without a web-based component.

Smaller companies and retailers no longer commit to the expense of brick and mortar location, because of their global reach makes it possible to achieve enormous success with e-commerce. Because the impact of e-commerce has been so great, strategies that company marketers to target their markets have been radically affected as well.

Online marketing allows e-commerce companies to reach a larger target market better. No longer are companies marketing only to people who can drive to the store; Now, anyone who fits ticket information, anywhere in the world, can be targeted with effective online marketing strategy.

Impact of e-commerce affects everything from the cost of doing business to the level of service companies are able to provide the ways in which marketing occurs. These changes are not going to disappear; if anything, the challenge will be a step ahead of the changing nature of technology to leverage the power and reach provided by these new marketing platforms.

Ultimately the impact of e-commerce will be a level playing field among economically disadvantaged countries. As a structure fore-edge portion-commerce to be closer to even the smallest communities, borders and political power will have less impact in terms of the success of the company’s ability to effectively market online, build a community of followers, and create lasting relationships with their target market.

Success will come first in the e-commerce which is flexible, embrace change, and are willing to risk trying new marketing strategies and the environment in order to extend and deepen their reach. In the near future, it is likely that the traditional shopping through brick and mortar locations will change even more radically, will be following the online experience or possibly disappear altogether.


E-Commerce – A Business Convenience


Electronic commerce has definitely changed consumer behavior. This is because it offers them a huge amount of choice, they can browse through the comfort of their own home. This is why e-commerce is one industry that has rapidly grown in our society.

Apart from the convenience it offers to customers, e-commerce is also hugely comfortable business. Here are some reasons why.

1. It requires no advertising costs.

Because e-commerce is done online, companies do not have to pay for advertising in technical Internet is widely user-owned and user-oriented. No governing body exclusively on it, and because no one can charge for posting ads on the Internet. This can be very useful for business since TV and the issue of advertising are quite expensive. Sometimes, however, companies may have to pay for the server addresses that give E-Mail Lists specific target market. This aside, however, everything else is technically free.

2. It is relatively cheaper and easier than setting up a regular shop.

Apart from lower advertising costs, set up an online store is significantly cheaper than setting up a regular one. Again, all companies really need is a fast connection and might help expert web designer. With a specific set of objectives, the company can then design E-commerce their choosing hosting service that fits their needs. There are many hosting services that can be customized Online stores available online.

3. The online store can reach a wider market.

Unlike traditional stores where the customers need to complete walking or running, and is only limited to people in the vicinity, online stores can be visited in the comfort of your own home with people anywhere and everywhere . Online stores are a good way to reach a lot of potential customers, especially now with the rapidly growing use of Internet. Now that more and more people are going online, more and more are buying from online.

4. Can display their products throughout the day.

E-commerce provides an opportunity to not only showcase their products online all day all week, but also to receive orders. Unlike a regular store that close at night, stores are open 24/7. Internet users particular vicinity may sleep through the night, but who is to stop online shoppers from other place to come across a store?

5. Can offer immediate customer service.

Some products, especially home appliance products can be quite complex, not only to set them up, but also in using them. Thus, the tendency surprised customers usually return again to hardware stores, laboriously bringing their products with them and ask for help again. The stores, it’s different. Customer service comes to you. This is quite a big jump from regular stores because not only do customers get the help needed, they also get the pleasure of sitting back and click the button “customer service”.


How e Commerce has changed the way I do


What is eCommerce, and how it can change the way one does business? For starters, the word eCommerce or sometimes E-Commerce, is an abbreviation of the term e-commerce. Trade is simply another word for business – buying and selling of material. Thus, electronic commerce is about doing business electronically.

However, there is much more to the story. So, to hold my answer, I will rely on the following comparison of how I did business for 25 years the way I do business today.

arcade my video game companies began like many other small business in my garage. The year was 1984. Personal computers were about (remember the IBM PC Jr.), but there was no Internet, no World Wide Web, and no eCommerce. When I need Business Supplies, I drove 20 miles to store distributor in another city, wrote a check, and merchandise go my other 20 kilometers home.

To market my business, I bought annual Yellow Page telephone directory advertising and national classified ads daily and weekly newspaper. Periodically, cruel I also direct snail mail campaigns. As my business grew, there were also some nice word-of-mouth referrals. Nothing fancy, I was just another small businessman serving small, entirely relevant market.

Today, all of what I do has changed, except for two things. I’m still a small businessman, and I still get a nice word-of-mouth referrals.

But now, when I need supplies I sit down at my computer and perform Product Search. Although there are times when I continue to stand up or walk around or stay seated while eating lunch, and just use my smart phone. After a few clicks, I find, reserve and pay for the highest quality products at the best prices, with the cheapest delivery costs, and faster delivery. It is one example of one aspect of eCommerce made through the World Wide Web. Oh yes, perhaps best of all, my purchase is on my doorstep a few days without me having to drive anywhere.

When it comes to marketing my business, things have changed. Now I can tell people about my business, myself, and my lips, literally, in thousands of ways. And simply by using my computer – no driving required. My market has grown too. No longer physically limits the corporate space defined by how far I am willing to drive. Instead, the market is my whole world, thanks to eCommerce and World Wide Web.

And no longer I tied a small budget for a few measly too small to read words in a couple of small animals Yellow Page Directory advertising on two pages in not quite the right classes surrounded by larger advertising from my competitors in a book full hundreds of categories, competitors, and pages. Now, with several websites, storefronts, articles, and any other means, can I have it amounts in fact to the whole book – unlimited categories, unlimited number of full pages and an unlimited number of words. In addition, all the words of the size, color and fonts that are most effective for my business.

my marketing have changed, too. Yellow Page and newspaper classified ads were expensive (and still are) in the amount of some $ 100 per month. Now, the monthly cost of my marketing is about a third of what it was before. That is, if you count the Internet connections of my marketing costs. Plus, I reached home, not just people within a limited driving distance.

So today, I’m still a small businessman, but one that can electronically buy parts and supplies locally, nationally and internationally. And who can electronically sell their products locally, nationally and internationally. Whether I buy or sell, and whether you are the one to buy from me or sell me, all that is needed to complete our entry are few mouse clicks from either one of us. There are no printed advertisements to answer, no printed newspaper ads to read, not snail mail to open, no phone calls to check inventory before a long trip, do not drive by you or me at all, and no paper bank checks to write, mail or treatment.

Furthermore, if we need to communicate, it, too, has changed. Calls and snail mail have, at least in most normal day-to-day business, have been replaced by e-mail (electronic mail), mobile text messaging, and online chat. If you need to make or receive calls, have also been many big changes. Of course, there are now mobile. But, it has also been a big change for land line users. Now we have a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). So, for about a third the cost of regular phone service, you can have a local company line, fax line and 800 numbers. Thanks to the internet.

Indeed, if we so choose, all our marketing company, communication, orders and pay can be handled electronically via the Internet. And that basically is what eCommerce is all about.


eCommerce Trends 2015


In April 2014 we wrote about the emerging trends in Ecommerce and our expectations of how things will shape up. In line with what we had expected, most of these developments now in their growth stages, with some already acquired fame and several other developing countries in recent trends.

So we decided to repeat this exercise and come up with a list if what we expect to happen in Ecommerce World in 2015.

M-commerce will keep growing

While mobile traffic was already tough competition to desktop traffic, it was only in August 2014 for the first time in history Mobile traffic delivers desktop traffic in the UK. All hype around mobile use in eCommerce comes true. 2015 is going to be the year when eCommerce vendors will have no choice but to take notice and action of mobile eCommerce, or else they are likely to be left in the game.

S-commerce will eventually become a reality:

With Twitter test button ‘buy’ the tweet from certain retailers and celebrities, social commerce has finally stepped into the realm of reality, but it is not fully here yet. But as I said in our blog – Social Commerce: Tips for New Era – it’s time to start preparing for the s-commerce before it reaches maturity. 2015 is likely to be in more and more social networks and platforms start to take some basic form S-commerce, allowing for a true test their strength. We believe that it could only be in 2016 that social commerce will be stable and accepted mode of eCommerce

Analytics will play a greater role in decision making :.

Big data has already reached the proper momentum in the analytic world and this will mean greater use of big data and analytic tools to assist in decision making. Companies are going to have to look for big data analytics to gain a fuller understanding of customers and their behavior

Enhanced eCommerce Google will get a grip :.

Google introduced Enhanced eCommerce as an upgrade of Google Analytics for eCommerce retailers. While it offers some great features, it is yet to catch on with eCommerce retailers. We believe it will prove to be a great tool, especially for small and medium producers eCommerce

eCommerce Apps for individual stores again :.

While eCommerce apps have generally been avoided by customers, except maybe the big retailers / marketers like Amazon and eBay, the programs become more important especially with eCommerce retailers offer special promotions through the program. B2B vendors also must step up their game and apps for their customers. This form of customization will be highly valued, so we believe that the return of apps is imminent

Being unique customer experience becomes more important :.

It is no longer enough for each eCommerce vendor to have a unique selling point (USP), have a unique customer experience is becoming a must. This does not mean that eCommerce sellers need to find new and interesting approach in everything they do, but they have to delight customers that they use in the store.

E-wallets will play a greater role in eCommerce

Now that technology giants Google and Apple have mobile wallets of the game, we think it is likely that they will increase the ability of these wallets working with eCommerce merchants. This would be a great boon for all involved – technology companies expand their presence in space relevant to their products, sellers have an easy way to collect payments and customers get no hassle system to make purchases

Free return shipping could catch on

Free return shipping is a touchy subject for sellers, but the hidden costs for customers. While many manufacturers are now offering low cost or free shipping to the customer, if the customer wants to return a product, they end up paying shipping costs. While this may not seem like a big issue, since most customers are unaware of this, it makes the customer experience their less comfortable .. eCommerce sellers, at least retail manufacturers are likely to begin some sort of Assessment to take costs to its customers .

These are the policies that we believe are likely to surface this year. Some of these will be experimented with for the first time, while the other will start their growth in everyday practice. We can not wait to see what the future holds.