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Advantages of Web 2.0 eCommerce


Web 2.0 eCommerce is one of the many boons Web 2.0 innovations that have made online shopping experience very simple and effective. The biggest advantage of this application is to provide online services and products can offer better customer service and customers can communicate more easily and effectively. The various features of Web 2.0 eCommerce are considered below.


depends on the satisfaction derived from the product or service, the customer can leave the rating (5-star rating scale) with their comments on the product catalog online. This makes other potential customers to assess the suitability of the product.

Using Digital Video To Showcase product

With the advancement of Internet technology, it has now become very easy to show the product through video coverage on your own. The video coverage can be added in your description with the help of websites such as or Responding to a video showing the product is always greater than any other mode of presentation and Web 2.0 eCommerce has made this possible.


with keywords for tagging products online catalog is a very effective way to make it easy for potential customers to reach your site with minimal effort. Gone are the days of searching using the names or descriptions of them. Need of the hour is speed, as time is invaluable for everyone.

Comparative Study

Web 2.0 eCommerce makes it possible for customers to do comparative studies on various products through product comparison websites, in order to get the best deal. You can plug your ecommerce website in this international comparison websites such as and avail of the benefits of easily discovered by prospective customers.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to inform your customers through the updated message when you add a new product or make changes in prices due to the promotion offers or other reasons. Such immediate information can not be reached by other means.

Instant Calling Option

With the help of Web 2.0 eCommerce applications, you can set up instant calling facility on your website that will enable you to call your customers thereof. All you have to do is to ask customers to provide their phone numbers and the most convenient time when they can be contacted. You can help to set up this feature.

Instant Message Service

Web 2.0 eCommerce also allows you to chat with your customers as if they were sitting across the table when they visit your website and need some clarification regarding product. This service can be set up easily with the help of Effective marketing online product can only take place if you are able to communicate immediately with a prospective buyer and provide any explanations he / she needs.

Web 2.0 eCommerce scores over the previous version by providing an easier and larger scale communication between your website and the user.


E-Commerce Business and Marketing


Using E-commerce marketing, you can purchase any number of products from a particular company online. However, the company will have to work out whether investment in complex e-commerce solution is worthwhile for their business, and whether their products are suitable for universal appeal. You need to make sure you invest in e-commerce marketing software that is suitable for the products it provides, but also within the price range you can afford. The type of business e-commerce marketing is especially suited for include software, hardware, tourism, real estate, computer systems and financial solutions. Recent research indicates that over three million people have shopped online at once. The biggest users of e-commerce marketing sites live in Europe (especially the UK and Portugal) and Indonesia.

In order to make the most of e-commerce site you will need to market it successfully, or else you will not make any profit. Social networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter are great places to attract potential customers. You can also use discounts, free gifts or money from the vouchers to attract new customers. When these visitors come to your site you need to provide good offers and well designed to encourage them to buy your products. Make sure any deals you make are genuine and you can support any responsibility for your actions. A marketing company will be very experienced in this and help you provide the best information to attract the most customers.

In this technological age, you’re just going to be able to successfully compete with other companies if you have a good e-commerce marketing. You also need to market it well so that potential customers know that your site is and want to use it. There are a great number of e-commerce marketing sites online that can help you to make your website more popular. They have the benefit of knowing the market and are aware of the best places to advertise products and services to attract the largest number of customers.

This Business to Business Marketing sites can greatly improve the amount of visitors to your website and bring profit margins up significantly. They can help promote products and services worldwide and maximize your market share. They can help you find a new audience for the product and therefore cause many more sales than you would get if you did not use e-commerce marketing.


E Commerce – Advantages and Disadvantages


E Commerce’s use of the internet for buying and selling goods and services. Electronic commerce or e-commerce for short can be traced back to the electronic transfer of funds. Since then it has grown and is now used extensively. The best example of e-commerce is the purchase of an item on the internet using a credit card. The money is transferred to the supplier and the buyer will receive their order by mail.

Like any business, E Commerce has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of them –


• Global Reach: This is the greatest advantage of electronic commerce. It allows companies and individuals to reach world markets. Companies are not bound by geographical boundaries and can accommodate local, national and international markets. Time limits can also be overcome by electronic commerce. Customers can shop the same time of day as it increases sales and profits.

• It gives people the opportunity to look for the best deals. One can research the product he or she wants to buy and may have the product at a much cheaper price. Sometimes the original manufacturer can be located and the product can be obtained at a big discount. Customers also get the chance to read reviews posted by previous buyers before making the purchase.

• E Commerce reduces the cost of business by reducing the cost of marketing, customer care and inventory management. It allows companies to market their products on a large consumer base at a significantly reduced cost. This savings in costs means more profit and better customer care

Disadvantages .:

• Many people still do not have access to the internet due to the poor condition or lack of knowledge. Most people do not trust the impersonal financial transactions made online and not use the Internet for any business.

• People want to shop for perishable items such as food in the traditional way rather than using the Internet. The time required for these goods is the destruction of it. A great investment is required to achieve market perishable products and investment guarantee success.

• If delayed transmission you have to make some calls and write some email. Returning to the order and get a refund is also very difficult. You will bear the cost of the consignment in such cases.

Advantages E Commerce more than disadvantages and that so many companies using ecommerce. It is to be constantly modified to suit the needs of their customers and this is helping to build confidence in the system. More and more people are using ecommerce daily.


Ecommerce – The meaning and importance


The Internet is now a flourishing industry. With technology advancing at a fast rate, more and more people are open to computers and the internet. Increasingly they are learning to use the Internet for day-to-day needs. Here Ecommerce websites take a front seat, move out to the millions of people looking for that kind of product or service online.

Putting it simply, Ecommerce or Electronic Commerce means buying and selling of goods and services

on the Internet. Before deciding to trade, it is worth taking into consideration the benefits, the company would reap the implementation of the new policy Ecommerce. So, first and foremost

thing you need to know is whether your type of business needs to ecommerce features enabled website?

Ecommerce-is it for you?

Check ecommerce websites has brought disruption in the process of buying and selling goods. In this context it is important to consider websites like eBay, Amazon etc. They have mostly used the ecommerce process to make sales revenue.

So, whether you have an existing business or start a new business, if the volume of business is large or small, you can always generate profit by showing your products or services online, so have a lot of viewer exposure. In a nutshell, just any selling / buying business can benefit from the ecommerce process.

So how can you earn bigger sales revenue of ecommerce website?

The benefits of having an ecommerce website are many

Reveal Virtualization -. your products displayed on your website, gives great exposure to millions of visitors to the site. For example, if you have a computer showroom in the city, visitors you would get will only be people from the city itself and possibly some from in and around the city.

Once in a while there will be visitors from places outside your city. Thus, exposure were limited. On the contrary, if the products are on the website, it connects you to plentifully filled with people who access the Internet and search for similar product as that of yours.

time and convenience – Time is one of the important part of our lives now-a-days. A customer may find it difficult to visit the store physically every time. On the other hand, if you have your supplies put on view on the Internet, anyone can pay a visit to your online store in a convenient their time.

store your turns at some point of time. But E-commerce works 24×7 for you to bring in customers. Moreover, with all your product images and descriptions of your eStore, the customer receives a detailed idea of ​​the product and you do not have to waste time summary Whatever guest on stock. It saves more time in each entry. All sales executive will definitely take some time to highlight the product to each customer. Ecommerce website does the same task hundreds and thousands of likely customers at the same time.

As all the details of the product are made available only to visit customers, much less time is needed to transfer the benefits of the product to them, thus making it easier to close the deal. Thus, many transactions can occur within a day. Presenting the product through demonstrations and photos, showing the clearest idea of ​​the product without the effort to recruit and train staff to do it

cost effective . – Maintain a store in the main resort is not very expensive. On the contrary, the use of ecommerce is all much easier technology to display and provide information about your products. Moreover, trade and promotion of its products must be made from time-to-time. Web advertising fees are also less compared to print or other audio-visual media, such as radio or television.

The ecommerce website all you need is a top-notch website designs that have the look and feel as promising as your competitor, Search Engine Optimization to rank your website with your other competitors, and the annual hosting fees.

Largely speaking, there are no major hindrance of Ecommerce websites. Over time, more and more people realize the ecommerce as a viable purchase method of current conventional methods. Thus, with this ever coming technology, e-commerce will continue to flourish globally and in due course become a key business strategy that must be implemented in order to thrive in a rapidly growing market and keep up with your competitors.


What is E-Commerce and M-Commerce?


With the advent of technologies such as E-commerce and M-commerce, the business world is changing fast with. E-commerce and M-commerce concept started far back, that is, around 5-6 years back, but since then, this industry reported tremendous growth in the market.

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) associated with buying and selling goods and services through electronic mode, such as the Internet. Mobile Commerce (M-commerce) related transfer or take the goods and services using a mobile phone to a computer network and vice versa.

Various industries are affected by e-commerce, such as automation in supply chain and logistics, payment systems in the domestic and foreign market, enterprise content management, software development companies, Group buying, Automated online assistants, Instant Messaging, conferences , online banking, shopping, and office suites, Shopping cart and order tracking, Teleconferencing, and Electronic tickets. But on the other hand, M-commerce includes industry domains such as banks, ticketing, purchase, browsing, storefront and brokerage, marketing and advertising, and auction.

Using M-commerce users can book movie tickets on their phones to the Internet on their phones and you can also get tickets send by the cinema people using different e-commerce technology to their phones. This helps users to escape from the rush of a movie ticket window and can show these tickets at the entrance of the cinema. Similarly, people can get coupons, discount offers and loyalty cards on their mobile phones and can get these deals at the outlets by showing their phones. A very good example of M-commerce is mobile banking and shopping online where customers can access their account through mobile and can conduct the shopping transactions.

Despite being similar in nature, as both involve buying and selling, there is a difference between the two. E-commerce is possible only when we have a relationship, but talking about M-commerce, we do not need any connection. With M-commerce it is now possible to do video conferencing even in places where there is no internet. E-commerce not only need Internet access, but also the consumption and use of electricity but there is no such requirement with M-commerce. Even a layman can do M-commerce in comparison to E-commerce, but still use the M-commerce costs more than using e-commerce.

In technical reasons, we can consider M-commerce as part of the E -commerce market as it gives power to the user to do business with his mobile phone. The best example is a company involved in outsourcing companies utilize custom software development and contact the client through B2B E-commerce. Common B2B examples and best models are IBM, Hewlett Packard (HP), Cisco and Dell. Cisco, for example, receives over 90% of product orders through the Internet.

With the increased use of the Internet, e-commerce has reached the market and people in recent years. Apart from online transactions, e-commerce has also affected the lives of people when shopping in stores for the use of swap machines where customers pay with their credit and debit cards. E-commerce can take place between the two companies, namely B2B or between companies and customers, ie B2C.


What is B2B eCommerce?


The concept of E-commerce B2B

This concept is evolving, and based on how transactions take place; at present we have the following types of B2B portals

1) focuses on the buyer – these are owned by a certain community of companies interested in buying diverse products or services that follow the most efficient way the process of acquisition. This portal allows buyers to get the best prices from suppliers and benefit from low management costs

2) facing supplier -. These are controlled by suppliers who follow generation of online sellers channel towards potential customers. These portals offer suppliers better visibility in the market, helping them to attract more customers. Buyers on the other hand, will get even more from these types of portals, because they have access to accurate information about the suppliers and they can seek more effective for similar products and services

3) Independent -. It is managed by a third party that offers B2B platform that is common, this means that it is available for both suppliers and buyers. The registered members of the forum can post ads, request bids and organizing auctions

4) vertical trading platforms -. These connect each sector of a particular industry. These portals reduce planning costs

5) Horizontal trading platforms -. These connect suppliers and buyers from different industries from around the world. They are similar to a huge market where people can sell or buy products or services.

How does B2B Portal works?

Supplier promote their products and services it offers, along with prices, stock values ​​and other information useful for the sales process, such as personalized discounts for customers. The customer (Company) access to the B2B Portal and analyzes offer, and if he is interested, he will place an order or request a bid for the product.

In most cases, the company that owns the B2B portal will offer its customers a user name or password, or they will allow customers to create their own accounts. In this way, every customer will benefit from reliable information on their order.

in the present, E-commerce B2B activity has lent many advantages of B2C. So B2B Portal can be equally attractive and store, need factors specific to e-commerce store, such as promotions, sales detailed images of products, online support and loyalty system.

Features B2B Portal are numerous such as: access to new markets, access to promotion channel, facilitate communication with customers, a great way of promotion, cost reduction, and more


4 Categories Ecommerce


E commerce or electronic commerce is cash or other terms of sale that are made electronically. This includes the purchase, sale and exchange of goods or services to exchange money with computer networks such as the Internet. Opposing to the popular belief, ecommerce not only exist on the web. In fact, ecommerce already and do well in business-to-business transactions from the 70s through the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) through vans (Value-Added Networks). Ecommerce can be further divided into four main categories: B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C.

• B2B (Business-to-Business)

B2B deals indeed with companies doing business with each other. An example of this is that producers are selling their product to distributors and wholesalers are selling it to retailers. Thus, pricing can be based on the number of orders is often up for grabs.

• B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

Business-to-consumer usually involves selling products and services to the public or consumers using catalogs utilizing shopping cart software . B2B can easily earn a lot of money; on the other hand, B2C, it is in fact in mind that the average customer when it comes to ecommerce as a whole. With the help of ecommerce, you can easily buy a lot of time without human interaction. An example of this if you have trouble finding the book, when you need to buy a custom, high-end computer systems, or find a first-class, all-inclusive trip to the tropical paradise island. Thus ecommerce can help you buy products at the same time.

• C2B (Consumer-to-Business)

Examples of C2B is a consumer posts their projects or projects in the Internet and web sites. The consumer sets the budget online in a few hours, many companies reviews necessary for the consumer and the offer of the project. It enables customers around the world by providing the meeting ground and a platform for certain transactions.

• C2C (Consumer to Consumer)

very good example for C2C is eBay. It is where consumers sell their products to other consumers through offers. Thus, the person who asks the highest can purchase. Another example is sites offer free classified ads, auctions and forums where consumers can buy and sell products to other consumers. They use PayPal as a tool for online payment where they can send and receive money with ease through online.

There is another form of ecommerce is B2E or Business-to-employee ecommerce. Here are the companies with internal networks to offer employees their products and services online. It may not be necessarily online on the Web.

other forms of ecommerce are G2G (Government-to-Government), G2E (Government-to-employee), G2B (Government-to-Business), B2G (Business to Government), G2C (Government-to -Citizen), C2G (Citizen-to-Government). This business involves primarily the government, from procurement to filing taxes to business registration renewed. There are still a lot of other groups are present, but then tend to be superfluous.


E-commerce 101 – Understanding the basics


If you are considering giving your existing or new online presence, there are some things about e-commerce that you must consider. Instead of working from a ‘bricks and mortar’ shop you can find it cost effective to sell products with the website and the help of some good business software. Despite the buzz about e-commerce you find that the rules of other companies are also online.

What do I need first?

If you are starting out fresh sell or promote your existing business online you need to concentrate on getting it right the first time. Unlike traditional media, the Internet allows for instant orders, more customers, and if you get something wrong, more negative (and instant) client feedback. If you check the following list you’ll be on your way to run a successful website

  • Site Design -. Your customers need to be able to view your site and understand it. Good sales copy, images and fast loading.
  • Site Security – If you sell from your website is your business safe? Do you need a SSL certificate?
  • E-Commerce Software – You need to be able to integrate a shopping cart as well as a potential discount on your site. It would be even better if you can integrate this with the existing file system.
  • Promotion – Without website traffic, there are no sales. Just like real life store that you need to be able to attract visitors.

Selling Online

Selling Online requires visitors to your site (which we will discuss later), well-written copy and incentives to buy just like a regular store. With the right software and a website that you can have regular promotions and specials – especially for the members of your email newsletter. You also can use the money you could be saving in rent to go to the better prices and attract more customers. With e-commerce you can customize your online presence as much as you want.

Marketing Online

Marketing online requires the same mentality that sell off-line it is the only instrument that change. Instead of using a pilot you have an email newsletter, instead of advertising in the newspaper that you could advertise free classifieds site. You also have the opportunity to be in direct contact with your customers through social media. This is a great opportunity to respond to customer inquiries and concerns almost immediately. The aim online marketing is getting more sites and to change those visitors into paying customers.

The Service Delivery is

key to good E- commerce is the timely delivery of goods. If you can deliver reliable products fast then you get a good response. This review is easier to share with new customers through your website and social media accounts. Although you can get regular customers through the increase in traffic and exposure you will hold more customers online simply by providing good service.

while E-commerce is the most cost effective way to sell products and services the basics of promoting your business and provide good services remain the same. It is not enough to simply be online and you will be active online winning and respond to potential customers. Providing quality online services and good customer reaction will follow just as they will follow you on Twitter