E-Commerce Strategy


The traditional principles of marketing techniques can also be applied to e-commerce technology. Be sure to mix between your target market, product or service and corporate resources is still just as important. What many companies fail to recognize, however, is that in many cases, their clients need to fall into a different category. Product or service may also need to be re-developed or re-brand and online resource requirement is different too.

Online customers tend to be younger, but this will obviously change from time to time. Online customers also tend to be classified as passive, with low attention spans. This is not meant to be an insult. It is a simple reality based on the fact that the supply always exceeds demand. The customers always have infinite potential and very little time. But the basic rules of supply and demand still apply. To succeed companies either have a competitive product or service if they are operating within the mass market industries such as supermarkets, telecommunications and retail clothing, or fast moving consumer goods, or alternatively that they need to have a new or unique product or service, operating in a niche market, or they might have to provide a unique online user experience.

Everything happens much faster online. This includes a first glance, corporate brand and the product or service branding. This is an important issue because a trademark preparation is always easier to achieve and maintain the branding recovery. The former is much cheaper too. It is done by taking a step back to take two steps forward. In other words, to ensure that you have a sound e-commerce technology, which has been thoroughly researched and developed and that includes core thy law, ethics, objectives and policies.

Many companies think of their web site only to be an online advertisement for their business. This is actually now very dangerous mistake to make because online users expect much of the corporate web site. You should think of your website as being online all the subsidiary company. It should include and represent each department including finance, operations, management, human resources, customer service, marketing, information technology and of course production. It should also enable customers to achieve the same experience as if they were walking into Retail Store, office, or factory personally. If it does not then the consequences can be devastating and difficult to recover. Indeed, the perception of potential customers may be that your company is in fact not at all.

Studies have shown that the first task of any customer commits now to do business with a company that is new to them is to review the site’s network. The second task is to search for all independent information that may be available online on the company from other customers. Also needs to be a credible reason why the company undertakes business online and it should be obvious to users why customer experience is going to be much better online than it would be by visiting the company’s personal. Customers are looking for more than just basic information about the history, contacts, the company’s products and services. At least they are looking for the same experience they would gain by visiting the company premises. As a result, e-commerce technology needed to incorporate generally the same corporate objectives of each company department, along with other targets that will be unique to business transactions online.

Just the same it can be frustrating to operate in the retail trade only to be kept waiting because there are insufficient numbers of assistants, it can be equally frustrating to be viewed through the company’s website online only informing that you can not continue with the order because this particular part of the web site is under construction or temporarily unavailable. Both events can cause customers to walk away, never to return. Consequently, as the house has a good foundation at its core, a good e-commerce technology is based on communication. The more interaction between the client and the web site, the more business come to life.


What is E-Commerce Money Saving Administration?


In this article I am going to analyze problems, however indirectly, a significant impact on the success of e-commerce. This is a delicate matter of administration. It does not matter that the web shop can do a lot and is full of the conversion help tools, if you do not have time and resources to submit the relevant information into the system and can not use the ultimate sales potential.

Based on my experience, most SMEs are not aware of the work they take on by starting an online business. This work increases generally in proportion to the number of products and features, and it can easily have more than one person. In a fast changing market, the administration can be an important advantage and yet at the same time inefficient administration can easily result in failure. If upgrading online business takes a few hours a day and there is a particular disadvantage compared with those who can do the same in a few minutes, especially if it is automated.

Therefore, there is a growing demand for automation of e-commerce systems. In modern competition is important to have all automatic. Nowadays, there is a minimum of a system to inform the seller automatically if necessary, to send automated confirmation e-mail and send messages if there was a change in the order process.

In the case of a web shop, operations require the most capital are sending the product, constantly maintain and upgrade it and send orders and newsletters. At several thousands of products, product management can not complete the administrative level; it is advisable to use more efficient solutions. One of the simplest ways is to load and maintain products with Excel, making the simplest changes and maintenance. Companies trade software like to copy product data from the program to the web shop instead of sending it manually.

Editing newsletter is also a source of problems because it is not easy to design good looking and efficient newsletter, it has seriously HTML and CSS knowledge. Thus, every solution that can automate the process of each newsletter issue, and can make people with no IT expertise to design a professional looking newsletter welcome.


E-Commerce – The Modern way of doing business


Electronic commerce, or often referred to as e-commerce is growing rapidly, even in the midst of the world – wide recession. For any commercial venture that engages in e – commerce, well designed website is a must

What is a well-designed website.? The answer is: well-designed website is visually appealing, simple to navigate and easy for guests to use. And let’s not forget the quality of written pages. Poor English with typos and misspelled words turns off a lot of visitors, as they see often reflecting the professionalism of the company website represents.

Why is e-commerce so popular today? The answer may lie in the widespread use of computers and the Internet. This has made it so easy to shop for and purchase items without leaving the comfort of your home. A well-designed e-commerce website provides customers the opportunity to see, compare and choose items. After going to the departure site, pay for the item electronically, and sit back and wait for the item to come through the mail or courier. Much better than navigating through traffic in the store and stand in line to buy and pay for the same item. On line purchase will probably end up costing less, especially when taking into account the time spent on the “outdated” shopping venture.

However, the e-commerce website to be attractive and inviting to visitors it needs a professional website design. A study in the UK showed that even minor errors on some websites led to loss of sales. When the error was corrected, the sales figures went up. It is estimated that millions of pounds in sales annually lost in the UK because of poorly made website development.

This means that any business venturing into e-commerce needs to maintain a professional website designer with the necessary experience in website development. It is not the time to try do-it-yourself approach. Do it right the first time and create a website that attracts customers instead of turning visitors away.

One thing to remember about the website development is that all websites are not designed for the purchase of physical items. Some E-commerce websites selling information or services. A good example of such a website is one that sells professional website services. Although the visual attraction of the website is also important here, clarity and detailed written pages are equally important. The language should be easy to read and understand, and invite visitors to ask for more information about services offered by the company

Some final advice for companies willing to venture into e-commerce was the following .: retain the services of professional website developers. Ensure that the person who provides content for your knowledge of the principles of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to ensure that the website gets a good ranking on different search engines. The visual content should be attractive, but simple.


What is the difference between E-Business and E-Commerce


Do you know the difference between e-business and e-commerce? Have you been using these terms are synonymous and wonder if you are actually using them correctly? In order to have a better understanding of these two terms, let’s define each of them individually.

E-commerce or electronic commerce covers activities carried out via the Internet or other electronic systems. In e-commerce, products and services are bought and sold through the Internet and the transactions are completed automatically. E-commerce websites have the ability to take orders online through a stop feature that is provided by the e-commerce or shopping cart software. E-commerce is based on the use of technology, such as electronic funds transfer, online marketing, supply chain management, data collection systems, inventory management systems, and electronic data interchange.

E-commerce software solutions using all before the above technologies to create a fully functional e-commerce websites. E-commerce websites are also called virtual storefronts or virtual malls, because they are known to be the product catalogs. Stores that sell products like services may offer tangible products and intangible ones like digital downloads of music, software or books. To put this in simple terms, e-commerce is the online transaction. All business transactions are made entirely through the Internet.

e-business or e-business, on the other hand, is considered the integration of e-commerce activities in the business flow of the company. For example, you have a business, and you decide to start accepting purchases made online, your company has transitioned from a traditional business to e-business. When e-commerce activities will be an integral part of the overall business, which is when you can make your e-business. Companies that integrate standard activities in their sites are called e-business because their website will be sales tool to generate even more profits.

E-business is more difficult to keep the traders have to control both the website and the other internal business functions, such as the production of goods or services, product development, finance, human resources, etc. Most traditional businesses transition to e-business because they can capture more customers through the World Wide Web. It also makes their business more professional-looking and legitimate because customers can easily contact them through the website or look up their business to learn more about the company.

concepts of e-business and e-commerce are usually used interchangeably, but it should be used correctly so that people will know the true nature of each. Now that you have a good idea of ​​what between the two, which do you want your business to move to? Hide it in your business plan so you have the right goal to aim for.


Effects of E Commerce


E Commerce has had many lives transformed and many online businesses established. Electronic commerce development organizations have increasingly supported tremendous business processes and the impact of e-commerce within the industry is critically controlled by changing market trends. In a typical business, the impact of e-commerce is widely seen in the importance of the major market participants. A well-managed company that has been used with a modified operating performance explains the pioneering features of online business and this provides the same proportions relative to the impact on smaller ecommerce business in the commercial. The market is an intelligent viewer to be carrying well adjusted ideals that make a modern company to benefit from the emergence of new markets. The typical effect of ecommerce has been arguably the business capabilities to meet the unique requirements of the policy are relatively broad performance measures.

In everyday business, you need no special skills to be able to satisfactorily meet the ultimate business online business. In all cases, appropriate training is much less of a claim. The functional status of such companies only need to be well acquainted with skill and a little computer knowledge. From this level, the impact of e-commerce will be deemed to provide defined elements of the policy people and businesses. Defining appropriate company characteristic is accustomed to greater purchasing power in the ecommerce environment. Therefore, the effect of ecommerce here to make traditional business processes classically transformed to meet the ever changing needs of consumers. The corporate workplace is considered to have the necessary plans to electronically buy and or sell products through a secured network. Practically, people have been forced to accept the wave of technology related to the transfer of goods and money today.

Effects ecommerce on a large scale generate important role in the creation of economic growth in the region as a unique company gained a lot of brisk sales and lower transaction costs cycle. All the support process, the economy is very transformed positioned level and indeed overall ecommerce immediate community are; increased sales of unit, general business boom over a period of time as well as highly developed buyer-seller relationships. Tools exchange are traditionally built with active growth and strategies that reflect new options are fit developed by growing ecommerce principles.


E-Commerce Adoption in developing nations – Part 1 – Benefits of E-Commerce


E-commerce is a new way of doing business. It is very changing and influence all the way to international trade. Nations need to integrate this technology in order to compete and ensure their survival in the international market. In connection with the integration of e-commerce is a huge gap called digital divide as part nations come in two categories. First developed nations, with high E-commerce and information and communication technology (ICT) integration therefore get tremendous benefits of global competition, and others are developing countries with little integration E-commerce and lose the benefits of global competition.

definition of e-commerce in our context is broader that that involves doing business on the Internet. These activities may include browsing information, e-mail, selling and buying goods and services over the internet.

Adoption of E-commerce in developing countries is essential and should in fact. This article will discuss the process to adopt e-commerce in these countries. First, let’s see how E-commerce benefits them.

1. Availability of useful information

The Internet is a vast resource center for business information; suppliers, resellers, distributors, importers, exporters, products, service, you name it. Businesses can get any information about companies from all over the world right from the desktop. The Internet reached fast, safe and useful access information. Today, information has to be the power in the business environment, the integration of information technology and electronic commerce is an important step for every developing nation.

2. Reduced cost to advertise products and services

Reduced advertising cost is one of the main advantages of e-commerce provider for companies. Websites operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week worldwide. In addition, the cost of owning a website is much less compared to the benefits they provide.

3. Fast and efficient supply chain management

People buy and sell online in the simplest and easiest ways. Buyers have what they need right on the desktop and sellers can reach their customers wherever they are just right from their tables. In addition, the process of buying and selling products especially digital products is a matter of minutes, no matter where sellers or buyers are located. There are no middle men required, limit or border. The process will end between the seller and the buyer just minutes saving a lot of time and energy.

4. Greater market reach

E-commerce knows no boundaries. Geographical boundaries do not seem to. Companies can reach markets that can be found in the opposite corner of the world in no time. This is a feature of the E-commerce; make our world a very small village.

5. Increase customer care

customers are treated well enough through company websites. They can get all the information they need, see the products of their choice, compare prices, get in touch with suppliers and purchase simple and easy.


Ecommerce From the customer’s point of view


This research paper will compare and contrast the characteristics of a traditional brick and mortar (B & M) Shopper with those of online shoppers. In addition, research will identify similarities and differences between virtual and real-world customers. Identify the difference between the world of e-commerce and the real world in terms of customers. Determining what traditional customer relations can and can not be transported into the world of e-commerce. Assess what new communications technologies are uniquely available in the world of e-commerce. And demonstrate how to use multimedia technology creates a Successful E-commerce websites. Discussion customer communication strategies and real-world examples will be presented.

Compare and contrast Models

Brick and mortar shoppers go to a specific building to buy products. The location has a physical presence that enables clients to have face to face communication with employees. Online shoppers are able to log on and search for items and make purchases from the comfort of their own home. Online shoppers have some advantages over brick and mortar shoppers this reason.

Several factors can be used to compare and contrast the differences between brick and mortar shoppers and their counterparts. Pricing will affect due to unavoidable expenses such as travel. Shop has a very low cost. This makes the cost of retail display space, and storage costs are minimized. Additionally, online shoppers can make factory direct. This reduces storage costs further. This allows online shoppers to take advantage of more savings possible by avoiding these additional costs. Bricks and mortar stores falling unavoidable costs. A location must be built on utility expenses. A brick and mortar store will hire workers so salaries would also participate. Maintaining the place will bring additional costs as well. Moreover, theft can also be a factor. These factors can make CPA higher than an online shopper.

Val vary online compared to local needs and demands of brick and mortar stores. Online stores usually specialize in a particular area. Because of this specialization it may be easier for online shoppers to find hard to find items that may or may not be available in brick and mortar stores. Online shoppers can find more items because of international demand different things. Both men and women can choose from online items. On the other hand, are brick and mortar locations dependent on local demand. If demand in Miami for coats and jackets is minimal compared to New York, the brick and mortar shoppers in Miami find fewer choices at higher prices. In addition, many items in a brick and mortar store may only be available seasonally. This would have negative results for shoppers looking for items out of season.

Convenience can also be a factor for live interaction versus electronic communication. Brick and mortar shoppers will have the ability touch and feel. This will give brick and mortar shoppers stronger connection to purchase the item or not. Online shoppers would not have to drive anywhere, flue gas, dress up, or looking for parking. He or she could simply browsing the web in search of a particular item they are interested in. State taxes even avoided by buying goods online against the brick and mortar store. Shipping and postage can be avoided brick and mortar shoppers. They can simply buy the item and take the item directly from the store. There may be items that are too big and bulky. Shipping and postage will definitely apply to these situations. Online shoppers will bear the delivery charges each time. Shipping charges can be hidden within the price of the item. Online shoppers may not realize that he or she was charged delivery fee. This approach allows online shopping to find less expensive and more functional.

responsibility can be similar for both the buyer. Online shoppers and brick and mortar shoppers will tend to have a similar guarantee. The guarantee is provided by the manufacturer. While brick and mortar stores may make the services themselves, usually this is controlled by the manufacturer. Finally, the returns can be handled more easy to brick and mortar shoppers. Brick and mortar shoppers will know the exact method they want to engage with when talking to someone. Although most stores allow returns buyer may deal with distant parties. The returned items covered shipping and restocking fees. Dealing with employee face to face can be much more convenient and practical when involved in any return.

Site Design and customer needs

When designing e-commerce site, the designer needs to consider the similarities and differences between virtual and traditional real-world customer environments, what forms of communication are uniquely accessible e-commerce customers and what forms of communication can not be successfully transferred to the world of e-commerce.

The first area would be e-commerce site designer needs to understand both the similarities and differences between virtual and traditional real-world customer environments and to recognize the differences in communication models. First and foremost, organizations need to realize that managing communications can be difficult for both virtual employee and client because these people are not physically present in the office location to have verbal and physical confirmation message or order. Some other factors are different time zones, local working hours and holidays, a full English with specific technical language (and organizational abbreviations), cultural traditions, hierarchical plans for message dissemination and response. Sometimes the only common ground between the virtual and real-world customer organization jargon and abbreviations.

Another area to evaluate what new communication technologies are uniquely available in the world of e-commerce and determine what traditional customer relations can and can not be transported into the world of e-commerce. Three communication choices that are uniquely available for organizations of all sizes in the world of e-commerce, Internet, Intranet and Extranet. The benefits of using this technology is to attract new customers and create new partners, improve communication with customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders. The benefits of increasing productivity, improving quality of care, reduce operating costs and provide information quickly and cost effectively can lead

Internet communication decisions can be :.


discussion mailing list


Instant messaging and chat


Internet Telephony

file transfer

Intranets are private company network and accessible by employees or authorized dealer and requires a logon and password. Employees are easily able to access important information about the company such as employee benefits, corporate strategy, career opportunities and tutorials. Extranets are a type of external intranet. Access includes employees and is open to suppliers and customers. A Logon and password is also required. The unmediated real-time communication types such as one-on-one conversations, speeches

[19459002kynningarogípersónufundumerugerðirhefðbundinnasamskiptaviðskiptavinasemekkiyrðifluttinníheiminumafe-verslun] The third area was the site designer to show how using multimedia technology can create an effective e-commerce site for the customer. Using this technology, organizations can be competitive and meet customer needs in three main areas: quality, price and service. As to meet the expectations of customer service that customer service does the same on the Web as it is in a physical store: It covers all the efforts that go into making customers feel wanted, appreciated, and that they are dealing with a company that will offer them a quality product at a reasonable price. The site, in the absence of actual merchandise salespeople to answer questions, customer service will literally be built into the fabric of the company website.

Customer Communication Strategies

enumerable communication strategies can be employed by e-commerce website. Efficient and effective use of web tools are key to increasing customer visit to the website. In general, most companies will implement strategies that are easy to use and target a larger market. But niche marketing strategies, either under the umbrella of the parent company or as a standalone tool are the ways of commerce to be applied as well.

With a greater number of online business, and potential customers, companies are turning to Customer Chat to accelerate the resolution of customer issues. This program is starting to gain momentum as it enables communication with representatives quickly and has the potential to increase sales due to act immediately. Even though instant messaging programs are efficient, many customers are unwilling to share their personal information on the internet. This issue is part of the website design process is called support program. This is where the issues of security and customer relations management directly for building ecommerce website, able to do online business. Individual companies, such as PayPal have aided small business entrepreneur by offering secure payment for the transfer of securities online at affordable rates. This, along with online shopping carts have greatly increased the customer buying experience.

companies use email as a standard to facilitate the written support and service. It allows for contact in familiar fashion with the customer and avoid the need to wait in the waiting service. This option works well for individuals who do not require immediate response. It does not allow for very detailed or visual responses.

Another strategy many companies are turning to audio and video techniques for real-time access to information that may not be understood in a written format. This approach enables customers to view information through the audio or video. This type of information is one-way communication but is expected interactive or real-time access with the addition of video conferencing. This type of strategy works very well for training and for customers who have visual or audio to help with learning or understanding of information. For customers who need more direction or explanation, the contact page of the company using a form with a comment section, business address and customer service phone and fax number.

source contact center is a necessity for many businesses in order to correct issues in billing, sales or technical support. This technology allows the company to support its customers through personal contacts and access to professionals who can solve their problems or explain their bill. This policy will continue to be as many people are unwilling to go to the next level of customer service through the use of web tools.

Internal customers are also an important part of e-commerce. The employee must be well trained in their jobs, and up-to-date on the company’s mission, policies and procedures. In order to source internal customers the company needs to integrate internal site, known as the intranet. Since these internal customers are the first contact to the external customer it will be important that they are trained effectively, thus giving the first internal strategy, the need for training tools and education data is easily accessible and allows internal customers assistance when working with external customers. Along with all programs need options for aid workers to leave the information passed on through the intranet! This technology allows for the creation of a network through an internal way that is safe and accessible for all businesses. This strategy is to become a leading trend for most companies actually cut the cost of travel and time for employees but still makes human interface and communication.

overall strategies needed to support customers are posing a pleasant experience for customers, whether local or remote, internal or external. The possibilities of the Internet and intranet are numerous and only a few are described below, most of the methods needed by companies are as individual as the company itself and a lot of thought needs to be put into that is the right solution for its customers.


This article is the analysis of e-commerce from the customer’s point of view compared and contrast features of a traditional brick and mortar (B & M) shoppers with the network buyers. Studies identify similarities and differences between virtual and real-world customers, analyzing the difference between the world of e-commerce and the real world in terms of customers, the traditional communications customers can and can not be moved into the world of e-commerce. In addition, new communications technologies discussed and examples were shown how the use of multimedia technology creates a Successful E-commerce websites. Discussion customer communication strategies and real-world examples were presented. Analysis research has led to the conclusion that ecommerce from the customer’s point of view, can be defined as offering customers tools that can most efficiently to the outcome; customer satisfaction and retention.


E-Marketing and E-Commerce in Pharmaceutical Business


If the content of E-Marketing is slowly but surely gaining momentum, then Pharmaceutical E-Commerce still in its infancy. I have not seen as many mistakes and bad moves anywhere in the B2B area as a Pharma. Unfortunately, many companies are taking a completely wrong approach in hiring or subcontracting cross-industry e-marketing experts to conduct this very complex and specific field.

There are not many real experts in the field (I’ve heard stories from them when applying for jobs in the industry, they are often faced with the appointment of someone with no idea Pharma -specific problems whatsoever.

These people do not even know the most common abbreviations used in pharma / API business, such as: DMF, USP, BP, etc. Therefore, in many cases, take Pharma or marketing companies such new media expert who put the emphasis on user experience, WEB 2, interactivity and other secondary. gauge This method creates a system Pharmaceutical e-Marketing similar marketing of food and beauty products But Pharma industry is noticeably different So the main advice would be: if .. get on board the barley / API expert then make sure he / she knows the industry itself not just in general B2B (C) E-Marketing.

At the same time, let’s discuss it Pharma E-Marketing is and how it should be organized. Many factors that are similar topic and a number of different.

The pharmaceutical market is going through turbulent times. In fact, the only thing protecting it from invasion by highly advanced R & D companies from Asia and the Far East is a large number of regulations and agreements. At the same time, regulations and agreements in developing markets are less strict, and cheaper generic alternatives are becoming very competitive. One of the few weapons in the hands of the media Brands generic labeling as hazardous. If in some cases they reason, then in many others they do not. For example; some simple medicines manufactured in the Far East are made in the same factory, both generic and brand options. Brand products Pharmacies carry one of the oddest features seen on the market, the packaging costs more than the content. This is an example of a weak point where generics are hitting them hard! Especially in developing markets.

Therefore, new media sub-contractors are taking on not Pharma expert but PR professionals with new media backgrounds, in order to create a comprehensive presentation of the system make the products even more expensive (to absorb the cost). This gives generics more space to operate and requires fresh promotional effort from brands, creating an endless circle.

Another common mistake made by inexperienced new media is a misconception Pharma itself and levels involved. For example, in many cases, pharmaceutical companies that want to market a new development approach new media company which immediately begin a campaign for the “new medicine”. At the same time the compound in question is actually API which has completely different ways to present and promote the product. Therefore, let us define the actual term “Pharmaceutical E-Marketing,” which is not really a concept and could be divided into three categories

  1. End users (including physicians and hospitals) This is actually something that is commonly known as “Pharma e-Marketing” but in fact only the tip of the iceberg. At this point most of the mistakes are made by mixing it up with the rest of the pharmaceutical industry. It is largely based on providing reports, scientific data, etc. to experts in order to start the presentation of the new product. A type of the e-marketing techniques used nowadays is new media.
  2. Bulk drugs This sector is not visible to the end user and mostly includes established drugs like antibiotics, antipyretic, etc. The competition is getting tougher, but is mostly left outside the scope of the E -Marketing. Type e-Marketing used -. From the catalog on the web portals substances
  3. API new and probably the most exciting area of ​​pharma e-Marketing. API is a pure B2B as they are distributed between the companies Pharmacies only. There are very few experts in the field, but because of the tremendous progress in this area in countries like India and China industry is about to get serious momentum. Type e-Marketing used – very individual, depending on the skills of a specialist within .

Overall, two opposite tendencies in section 1 and 2 of the list above. The flow of brand promotion and the flow of generic information aimed mainly to developing markets. In fact, the tie situation at the moment as one of them wins. Well, almost tie and generic drugs have the edge over the brand and if this option is pressed home the gap will more shortly. There are well known methods of branding such as “smear campaign” method used in anti-generic strategy. But at the same time there are possibilities for e-marketing generics are truly unlimited as they are not bound by the same restrictions as branding experts have almost everywhere from Pharma washing up liquid and granular. Therefore, if someone taps into this very pharma-specific policies that, even with a thousand times less investment than brands, it is possible to achieve much better results.

The third section is terra incognita for many E-Commerce experts simply because it has a lot of industry-specific and scientific information. At the same time there are numerous high-quality R & D laboratories in Asia and the Far East as the production and know-how from Western competition. So introduce their products to other Pharmacies and R & D company is to become a high-priority task.


Ecommerce 21st century


Simply put, in-store is the “buying and selling goods and services online.” Usually it is done through a specific website. In recent years, e-commerce activity has exponentially grown, overtaking traditional trading strategies. The latest developments show that online shopping continues to grow, and e-commerce in the early years of the 21st century is estimated to have the range of billions to trillions of dollars.

E-commerce will be agreeably large part of the 21st century world economy.

So why is it important to me?

The Internet industry is going great. Today, telephone, cable and satellite TV companies fight over supremacy for providing Internet connectivity to the United States. AT & T would not have invested billions to get the TV companies and open high-speed wire leading to households, if they did not see big benefits in return. What benefits are we talking about?

The growth of the Internet industry brings with it an onslaught of millions of Internet users. Different sources contend that it will soon be over 100 million people use the World Wide Web. About 25% are Internet shoppers. For businessmen, the internet is obviously important site for potential customers. Not only can it cater to more customers, it can also increase in areas not within the immediate reach of the company.

Moreover, e-commerce is a fast and affordable way shipping products. Payments online are faster too. Thus, if you are on public marketing business, e-commerce is an important part of the future.

For consumers, however, e-commerce also plays an important role in the purchase of goods. Search through the Internet is much more convenient and faster than real shopping. Products sold online has also increased due to easier ad. Customers can also easily confirmed details of goods sold. Payment also proves to be faster, but there are risks of sham. Nevertheless, e-commerce is also important for consumers

If you want to be successful online merchants :.

With its prominence, it would certainly make for good business to start growing market through the Internet. However, e-commerce can do as much good and bad. Skills for online transactions are also necessary to succeed.

Some of these skills include Web design, graphics, HTML, CGI programming, e-commerce software installation and maintenance, website maintenance, search engine registration, web-based promotion, Java or Javascript literacy, database, security protocol and much more.

For a successful online business, decide if you over these various computer and internet skills. These skills are important for commercial use, marketing plans and easier transactions online. If you do not have all of these, you can hire people to do different jobs for the store. For instance, one could hire people to be in charge of setting up and maintaining e-commerce software, and another team to keep the website. You may also hire a consultant to help you see different activities. Keep in mind, however, that e-commerce, just like a traditional business, still needs a lot of work. Just over a network.


Principles of Good Ecommerce Website Design


E Commerce website design has become very popular today. All types of businesses, small or large, are building ecommerce websites to expand their business because they know that an electronic store can offer owners and clients many advantages. They are similar to a traditional shop where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods for money. One of the main advantages of ecommerce website design is that it can perform many different functions apart from selling.

If you’re thinking about the basic principles of good ecommerce website design, you must include the right tools, reliable payroll, shopping carts, and other things that make it safe and useful for your customers. Remember that your ecommerce website will be open around the clock; Therefore, customers will have enough time to check your site and to compare prices with other companies.

Navigation is crucial for any ecommerce website design. Make sure your site is to navigate. Remember that your customers come from different sectors of society, so some of them will have a great ability to buy online and others will not. If people can not immediately see what they are looking for, their perception will be negative and they will leave. The whole website should have clear information to guide visitors to the right page. Photos can be very helpful to assist customers with the purchase method.

Making Money from ECommerce over the Internet is a dream that can be realized for different types of institutions. To fulfill this ambition, it is necessary to follow different basic ecommerce website principles that we have already mentioned, or other designs that may come from the creative mind. It is important to remember that these sites function as online storefront of traditional shops. Therefore, it will be attractive to make visitors stay and come back to buy more products. It is also important to offer absolute security for transactions that are made with credit and debit cards.

Finally, shopping car software can not be out of this little summary of the basic ecommerce website design principles. It is an operating program that offers customers to purchase goods and services and store them during the process. Literally, they can push their cart along an online store. When they see a product they want to buy, they put it in their cart only by clicking on it. It’s like a real store.

The Internet is saturated with ecommerce websites that are not useful for customers or owners. Do not make your business to be part of this category. Use all ecommerce principles which may be relevant to your business and be ready to enjoy your own success.